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Top Ten ‘Can’t Live Without’ Beauty Products I Swear By: #4 Jemma Kidd I-Perfector Prep & Brighten
August 5, 2012, 11:41 pm
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“I don’t like Mondays” Bob Geldof famously sang, and one got the feeling that it was but the start of a very long list of Things he didn’t Like. I wholeheartedly concur with the sentiment, though, and I think most of us would agree that we may need some extra help on Monday mornings.


Step forward the best kept secret in the beauty business – Jemma Kidd’s Makeup School range, a supreme collection of products I’ve fallen in love with and could have chosen many items from for this Top Ten series. Having been a top model for many years, Jemma has had all manner of brands smeared over her face, but was inspired to create her own because she’d never found the one perfect example of what she was looking for.


This isn’t some vanity project, it’s the real deal – I’ve stumped up the cash and tried these products for myself and can honestly say they are fantastic. My ultimate must-have, without a doubt, is the I-Perfector Prep & Brighten Duo (phew, bit of a mouthful!)


I could waffle on about the fantastic one-swipe crayon end that conceals redness, discolouration and acts as the perfect eyeshadow base, and the genius flesh-coloured inner-eye liner end for instantly popping open your peepers; but in a nutshell: it MAKES YOU LOOK ALIVE! No, honestly, it really does. I’d post a before and after version of myself, but I’d be reported for including Offensive Content.

This is the perfect weapon to banish tired, red [shhhhungovershhhhh] Monday morning eyes, and the flesh tone eyeliner is a revelation. No more white-eyeliner 1980’s flashbacks (because really, ladies, that doesn’t make you look as though your eyes are bigger/whiter, it makes you look as though you’ve gone crazy with a pot of Tippex). You can use this all around the eye area, it’s anti-ageing, waterproof, long lasting and contains vitamins C & E for further soothing properties. What’s not to love? Get it, try it, thank me later. Mine’ll be a Gin & Tonic. You’re welcome.


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