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Top Ten ‘Can’t Live Without’ Beauty Products I Swear By: #6 Posy Glow by Pink Quartz Minerals
August 17, 2012, 4:29 pm
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#6 Posy Glow by Pink Quartz Minerals

I long lived with the belief that bronzers/glows were only really for those strange, orange people (Z List ‘Celebrities’, Donald Trump, Christina Aguilera and other Oompa Loompa-alikes) who craved a product to desperately rub over their faces should a hint of natural coloured skin threaten to break through their carrot-tinged visage.


That was until I found Pink Quartz Minerals and fell in love with their Posy Glow.


It’s more of a gently blushed highlighter, really, and gives a hint of tenderly sun-kissed healthiness rather than attempting to look as if you fell into a vat of something you’d use to seal a fence.


As a semi-rehabilitated goth who still breaks out in a heat rash within seconds of glancing at the sun, I do need a bit of help bringing a bit of colour to my complexion. I generally wake up looking like something a cat coughed up, frequently suffering with insomnia and considering 5 hours unbroken sleep to be a luxurious night’s rest; therefore this doesn’t so much bronze me as infuse a sensation of life back into my face!


Many bronzers in days of yore suffered from a kind of Disco Fever, with their makers believing that you desired nothing more than to look as though you’d covered your face in glue before hurling yourself to the floor and rolling around in a mixture of Wotsits* and glitter. Perhaps you’re find of this look, dear readers, and should be receiving counselling, but it’s far more flattering to use a product like this, with the merest hint of a shimmer: Sophisticated Face v Basket Case.


I’m a big fan of mineral makeup and have tried many brands, big and small, but this is my favourite bronzing/glowing product for fair complexions I’ve tried so far. It’s well priced and lasts for ages, too. There’s a vast selection of blushes and bronzers to try in this range, so maybe pick a few and try the excellent sampling service to see which ones suit your skin tone best!

*[Cheetos for our Colonial chums; or any cheese-flavoured snack product will do].


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