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Disaya: Nutcracker Sweet – Jewellery To Capture Your Imagination

Some people favour jewellery with clean, simple, lines; minimalists who worship all that is streamlined, elegant and pure. I am not one of these people. This surely comes as no surprise.

Who in their right mind could get excited about such dullness when jewellery and accessories can allow you to express your individuality, little hints of your personality glinting merrily on your fingers or twinkling intriguingly around your throat.


One of the most exciting jewellery brands I’ve seen for years twinkled at me from afar, an acquaintance posted a picture of a collection on Instagram, and I HAD to know where they were from… Disaya, came the answer.

Disaya is the brainchild of award-winning Central St. Martins graduate Disaya Sorakraikitikul, including jewellery, accessories, Ready To Wear . She is obviously very influenced by her surroundings, that particular creativity that London seems to breed so well, along with that playfulness mixed with sophistication that perhaps best describes her style.


Launched in 2007, Disaya’s range caused quite a stir, being immediately picked up by over 70 stockists on launching. It’s really quite easy to see why, as everything she designs is so full of eccentricity and has a unique charm. The pieces are designed in-house and combined with local craftsmanship to ensure Disaya’s exacting standards are met – some supposedly whimsical ranges suffer from poor quality and finishing which renders them rather tacky, in my eyes, but Disaya is head and shoulders above all other pretenders to the throne.

Disaya was The next two years saw Disaya’s stockists increase by 50%, and it is now sold in over 20 countries at various prestigious retailers including: Henri Bendels, Le Bon Marche, Seibu, Harrods and Harvey Nichols, as well as at the flagship store in Gaysorn shopping mall located in Bangkok.


Quirky and fun without being too childish is a difficult act to pull off, but Disaya have charm and wearability in bucketloads. I covet the entire Nutcracker collection, just launching this month, but so much else besides!

My standout favourite pieces have to be the Nutcracker gentlemen rings and the adorable Teddy Bear Nutcracker costume necklace – reminiscent of traditional folk-ish German Christmas decorations, they make me want to snuggle up in a huge cosy jumper while drinking mulled wine and raiding the festive chocolate box. Not that I need much persuading.



Oh and the stags head pieces, too, topped with matching pearls. And the carnivalesque horses, straight from a fairground carousel!

So beautifully enamelled, too, and gorgeous colours. Leafing through the new SS13 Lookbook I see so many pieces I would give a home to in the blink of an eye. look at that frowning face necklace! Love, love, LOVE.



Disaya also show the same imagination in their other accessories and have the most magical prints in their clothing, too. They look like something a grown up Alice in Wonderland or a modern day Marie Antoinette wold like to wear.

For me the jewellery is the most easily wearable, simply because you can mix it in with whatever you happen to be wearing. Some days I just want a touch of whimsicality, other days I may wish for head-to-toe fantastical. With Disaya, you may plump for that one special piece, or an entire outfit, and I love having that choice within a range.


The whole collection is launching on later this month, but some pieces from previous collections are available from My Flash Trash – my favourites there are the stackable strawberry shortcake rings and the darling little Gentlemen’s Accessories earring set. Great attention to detail for such itty bitty things.



I have seen so many takes on tea cup and cake-inspired cutesy accessories, but for me, Disaya does it best, and with her unique stamp on each piece they make. They are just beautiful ornaments in and of themselves – one could certainly display them in a cabinet – for me they carry a certain air of mystery and intrigue; like little objet d’art freshly plucked from a shadow box.

Disaya are even collaborating their unique style with a tea manufacturer, and of course the packaging is to die for and stamped with their inimitable charm:


“Introducing Disaya’s ‘Tea muskerteers’ ,our special collaboration with No. 57, Comes in 3 stylish flovours, including Macaroon Black Tea, Rice Pudding white tea and Apple crumble Green Tea. They are perfect Christmas present material ! Coming to stores soon…”

Your best bet is to keep an eye on their website, and think about liking their Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news and pictures from their collections.

I can’t wait to see what they do next, it’s safe to say I am totally obsessed with Disaya. Teacups, moustaches and cats, oh my!


Cranford Redux: Costume Drama Style

Hullo dear hearts,

I return misty-eyed from watching the second part of BBC1’s Cranford Christmas special. I take back what some of what I said just before actually watching it. There I bemoaned (well, tutted a little) that it hadn’t really been as moving or gripping as the first [proper] series. Well. Rest assured, the second half is infinitely superior to the first episode!

Loved it. Cried a lot. Smiled a lot.

If I had a lace hankie I’d have dabbed at eyes in a delicate fashion, but had to make do with the back of a pyjama sleeve.

I promised a selection of suitably Cranfordian themed goodies, and I shall not fail you…

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) Lady Rose Treasures, 2) Miss Sadie Baxter, 3) Art Photo Girl

2nd Row: 1) Carton Company, 2) Poppenkraal, 3) Teardrum

3rd Row: 1) Matti Online, 2) Sky Watcher 1121, 3) Flutter

4th Row: 1) Pish Posh Vintage, 2) Chrissy Piper, 3) Prudence Mae Patterns

All of these finds warrant a closer look. The Locomotive Scarf, for example,  is so intricately worked and has the phrase “Got Steam?” crocheted into the design. Amazing!

Until next time, poppets,

Miss Nightingale

Thinking of Melanie: Paris, Gin & Palaces

Welcome to the third of my It’s the Thought That Counts series of items that remind me of particular friends. People who have inspired me to put together these selections of temptations for your browsing pleasure.

This one is for Melanie, she of the always fascinating Madame Guillotine blog, and the talented author of The Journal of Marie Antoinette.

I have previously put together a collection inspired by her, but simply couldn’t leave her out of this current round-up of Lovely Stuff I Would Give My Friends. Particularly as our tastes are quite similar in many ways – we both adore slightly seedy Victoriana, Marie Antoinette (naturellement), Gin, and have a fascination with Jack the Ripper.

Goodness, that makes us sound really charming! 🙂

Anyway, I present for your delectation, a themed selection of wonderful things: Thinking of Melanie…

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) Petit Coterie, 2) Middleburg, 3) T Capone Photo

2nd Row: 1) A Double Grace, 2) Hoolala, 3) Dangerous Liason

3rd Row: 1) Plumes and Pearls, 2) Jeanie Bean Shop, 3) Elizabeth Ocean

4th Row: 1) Gimm Cat, 2) Victorian Lowbrow, 3) 5 Dollar French Market

I’m having a lovely day full of delightful surprises, very well chosen gifts, wonderful food and even better company – slightly marred by now having to work tomorrow due to staff sickness, but ah well, onwards and upwards I suppose!

I also smell quite divine, as I am currently wearing one of the be-ringleted one’s gifts, a bottle of Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans L’Eau [Shadow on the Water].

Am surrounded by piles of Excellent Stuff and feeling very pleased, but so, so desperately wishing that I could have the long wished-for lie in followed by bacon-sandwich-in-bed, followed by a sedate walk through the woods, followed by cold turkey, home-baked gammon and general slouching around in a state of deshabille, like drunken bumble-bees.

Work (being the first day of Sale) somehow just doesn’t holds the same appeal!

Ah well, work is the curse of the drinking classes and all that.

Lots of love to you all, and I hope you had a truly magical Christmas day!

Until next time, darlings

Miss Nightingale


Thinking of Hester: Peacocks, Paris & Cupcakes

It is often around this time of year that we hear the phrase “It’s the thought that counts” bandied about. It usually takes the form of a cringing hand-over of shoddy gifts with seemingly no thought behind them whatsoever.

Here, then, I hope to include some gift ideas (last-minute, I grant you!) into which I have put a lot of thought… but as my revoltingly swingeing pay check currently restricts gift buying to immediate family this year; they must, alas, remain a lasting thought.

I have been inspired by particular people for this series of gift guides, and they are particularly inspiring!

The first in the series is for my dear friend Hester – a lady blessed with immaculate taste, a bawdy sense of humour, and the ability to make people swoon with her notoriously wicked chocolate cupcakes (AKA: “dirty, dirty porn cakes” *cough* – because of the sounds people make when eating them!)

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) Tilly Bloom, 2) Jade Rose Designs, 3) Dog Bone Art

2nd Row: 1) Revival House, 2) BeadzNBling, 3) Clutch That

3rd Row: 1) Teacup Design, 2) Mes Peintures, 3) Oak Hollow Primatives

4th Row: 1) Chris Smith 22, 2) Little Voices, 3) Jenny’s Bake Shop

Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Until later, cupcakes,

Miss Nightingale