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Bed of Roses Shoe Sale – hot news for Irregular Choice & Poetic Licence fans!

Fresh from the stable of Irregular Choice & Poetic Licence is the Bed of Roses range of shoes. Well, fresh to me, anyway, as I’d not previously come across their designs.

Bed Of Roses Women's Coup De Theatre Wedge Heel - WAS: £79.99 NOW: £26.71 Cutely retro, very Mad Men worn with a little pencil skirt & a silk blouse.

Fans of Irregular Choice and their sister range, Poetic Licence, will no doubt love this range, but perhaps you haven’t previously been aware of any of these brands? I really like unusual, quirky, shoes, but am perhaps not brave enough to try the more outrageous of Irregular Choice’s offerings.

Bed Of Roses Women's Conjuring Quick Bootie Heel - WAS: £79.99 NOW: £31.86 (LOVE these! They look as though they should be peeping from beneath a breathtaking gown in an 18th Century portrait. Typically, none in my size).

There’s also the fact that years of jobs in which I have to stand on my feet all day have left me with wider, larger feet than I began with, and that are riddled with shredded tendons, heel (bone) spurs and bunions (it’s the glamour I’m in it for, darlings!), so I have to be careful about heel heights, etc. Bed of Roses still has that unusual vibe, but with a greater emphasis on everyday practicality, I feel.

Bed Of Roses Women's Vanilla Ribbon Mary Janes - WAS: £86.67 NOW: £26.67

Rather fortuitously for us, Amazon seem to have a number of Bed of Roses styles on sale, with huge savings depending on the luck of the draw of your size/colour option and the availability.

Bed Of Roses Women's Succotash Ballet - WAS: £59.99 NOW: £17.99 I'm not usually a mad keen fan of leopard/animal prints, but somehow I really like the fushcia suede embellishments on this pair.

I waver between a UK 6, 6.5 & 7, which seem very popular sizes, and most of the styles I had my eye on were still available in at least one of those, so cross your fingers and see if yours is! Really loving these retro vintage looks, which look cute without being too little girl off to a party, if you know what I mean.

Bed Of Roses Women's Button Me Ballet - WAS: £59.99 NOW: £17.99 Utterly darling and very crafty 'make do and mend' looking. In a good way.

WHY are there so many things at fabulous prices this month, when I’m flat broke and to have to save my pennies? This always happens and I believe it’s the Fashions Gods having fun with us mere mortals. Ah well, I’ll have to hope they still have my size(s) when I get paid!

Until next time, dearhearts…

Miss Nightingale



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