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Bolongaro Trevor – Dark Beauty
September 13, 2011, 10:17 pm
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Yesterday I warbled on at some length about a new favourite design label, Bolongaro Trevor, and promised I would show you the plum picks of their brand new Autumn collection and tell you more about the designers behind the label. I also left you with a bit of teaser, asking if you recognised the style of the clothes, the bizarrely beautiful prints, the overall vibe of the label…

Kait Bolongaro & Stuart Trevor from an Independent article about their swanky pad.

It makes sense as soon as you know, for the designers behind Bolongaro Trevor – Kait Bolongaro and Stuart Trevor – are the husband and wife team who founded and previously designed for the phenomenally successful All Saints brand. Aha! Yes, the lightbulb clicked on for me, too.

Poloma Lace Jacket by Bolongaro Trevor: £260

This jacket is just beyond gorgeous, and I think really adaptable. You could just as easily wear this with jeans and a little white vest top as a sharp pencil skirt & silk blouse for work.

Back detail of Poloma Lace Jacket - Just as pretty as the front!

You probably all know how much I love modern takes on Victoriana, and this showcases exactly the look I love.

Bolongaro Trevor press release

I’ve long been a fan of the All Saints clothes and accessories, though many of them I’ve admired from afar as some of their styles truthfully belong on a far younger (or braver) person than me!

Amadeus Dress by Bolongaro Trevor: £155

The Amadeus Dress has adjustable straps at certain points, so you can hitch it up for a saucy wench look. Love it!

I was very interested to read an interview with Stuart Trevor in which he described the main differences between the two labels, and he described the Bolongaro Trevor customer as a bit older, more sophisticated and wanting a practicality from her wardrobe that younger gals just couldn’t give two hoots about.

I think that’s a fair description and certainly I can relate to the ‘older’ bit, with pretensions toward the ‘more sophisticated’ bit!

Talulah Dress by Bolongaro Trevor: £165

This dress in the new collection shows that duality of cheekiness and wearability very well, I think. It could really be worn by women of many ages and for lots of occasions, something that I don’t think you could truthfully say about the All Saints range. That’s not to say All Saints is entirely about Bright Young Things, but I do believe the emphasis of their more recent collections has been on casual wear for the younger crowd.

Inside the new Bolongaro shop at 123 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG

Bolongaro Trevor fulfill the need for quirky, individual looking clothes for the ladies who’d feel ridiculous in torn denim hotpants and don’t desperately try to kid themselves that they’re ‘just like Kate Mosse’. The tailoring may have the sophisticated edge, but the little details and surreal prints in which they delight, really set this label apart from the drab mainstream.

Flat Liner Overdyed Black/Blue Men's Trousers by Bolongaro Trevor: £135

The menswear, too, has so many interestingly elements, they play heavily on military influenced looks and that swoonsome “Oh, Mr Darcy!” appeal.

Mason Trimmed Men's Jacket by Bolongaro Trevor: £325

I am fully aware that many British men shy away from anything too ‘different’, but I know many gals who love that rakish look and we can only hope that it becomes widely popular, even among the less brave! And yes, some of the pieces are expensive, but they tend to be the more classic items in the finest fabrics that should, with care, last a lifetime. And they have amazing sales. 😉

This is just the first hit of the new collection, with much more to come. I can’t wait to see it all!




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Oh, I shall be looking out for them as I buy quite a lot of my clothes from All Saints but am always looking for similar items from different designers. 🙂

Comment by Madame Guillotine

They are amazing and all the pieces I’ve seen are such good quality, too. Am slightly obsessed. 🙂 I was so lucky to go to a sale and come across the items I eventually got! Their sales are fantastic, by the way. I’ll let you know when I next go to one in case you can come, too! x

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

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