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Bolongaro Trevor – Clasically Surreal: My pick of the SS11 SALE
September 13, 2011, 6:55 pm
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Every so often you stumble across a designer label that makes your heart go pitter-pat and has you mentally totting up the black-market value of your vital organs so that you might afford one of everything they have made. For my esteemed colleague Sallie and I, our find of the year thus far has to be British design duo Bolongaro Trevor.

During a mad day of dashing about and sale bargains we homed in on a large rail of beautifully draped, quirkily printed pieces that made us quite giddy. I grabbed a full-length wool cardigan coat (of which there seems to exist no pictures on this Earth, but it is fabulous and I can’t wait to be cold enough to wear it), and this fabulous Pirrot Draped Top.

Pirrot Drape Top by Bolongaro Trevor - Was: £150 NOW: £60

You can’t really see the exquisite detail, here, but the is made from incredibly floaty 100% Silk Haboutai and printed all over with antique botanical and medical prints of peonies, roses, teeth and syringes.

Pirrot Drape Top - back detail

Not exactly your run-of-the-mill combination of illustrations to use on a garment, to be sure, but Bolongaro Trevor delight in these cheeky, darkly beautiful juxtapositions of classical elements married to the surreal bohemian.

Mikail Polka Dots Top by Bolongaro Trevor - Was: £140, Now: £100

Sallie jumped at the chance to own the Mikail Polka Dots silk printed top – this time, the print being various hand-coloured insects and zoo animals. It was especially pleasing, as Sallie had seen a lady wearing the Mikail Polka Dots Dress at a recent wedding, and had forever after wondered who the designer was and where she could get her hands on their goods. So to speak.

Delia Drape Dress by Bolongaro Trevor - Was: £160, Now: £40!

This Delia Drape Dress is gorgeous, and a stonking BARGAIN, now, at just forty quid. Even at their full retail prices, I think the Bolongaro Trevor designs are very good value considering they look (and feel) far more expensive than they actually are.

Laced Jungle Clutch Bag by Bolongaro Trevor - Was: £165, Now: £49.50

I am in love with this bag – yes, Bolongaro Trevor excel at accessories, too it seems – it looks elegant and practical, but retains that element of fun in the gorgeous jungle and lace print. Not enough designers put giraffes on their evening bags, do they?

Laced Jungle Clutch Bag - Close-up detail

By the way, if Santa [or my fiance] is reading this, what a simply marvelous Christmas present idea this would be. Hey, I never said I was subtle.

Keya Dress by Bolongaro Trevor - Was £260, Now: £100

This Keya Dress is made from cotton and line and would be great worn to the office or a smart work environment, but would equally be happy perched on a bar stool sipping mojitos. Well, I know I would.

Grace Long Tee by Bolongaro Trevor - Was: £65, Now: £15!

A great entry level bargain to the world of Bolongaro Trevor is this long, draped t-shirt, which is now only £15! You can let the sleeves down by undoing the button tabs on the shoulders, if you prefer not to show your arms.

Well, there are oodles more bargains and plum picks I could wibble on about, darlings, but I have dinner to cook and must begin gazing in winder at the NEW COLLECTION of Bolongaro Trevor which is just hitting the stores. I’ll be showing you my picks of the Autumn range and telling you a bit more about this design duo tomorrow. Until then, I’ll leave you with a little teaser…

Do the designs and prints strike a bell? They should do. This design team were the originators of a very famous brand and struck out on their own for pastures new. Find out more tomorrow!


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