Beyond the Pale

Afternoon Tea For Two in London – Huzzah!

Hang out the bunting, dearies, it’s not often I get to say this, but “I’m a winner!”

Thanks to the generosity of Wish, who donated the magnificent prize for a competition on one of my favourite blogs – Madame Guillotine – myself and my fiance are looking forward to afternoon Tea for Two at the Radisson Edwardian Vanderbilt Hotel in South Kensington.

Afternoon tea in a refined setting is one of my favourite ways to indulge, I like to let my mind wander (a very easy accomplishment, believe me) and pretend I’m in an episode of Downton Abbey or a Georgette Heyer novel, though without any scary aunts (thank goodness) or recently wounded dueling rake (more’s the pity) to contend with.

I absolutely cannot WAIT to go and have been ogling at pictures of the hotel and the various treats they have on offer at teatime. One image keeps cropping up in the their literature – a little pastry swan, and each time I see it, I cannot help but think of Bettina (aka Mrs Anke) and the blog post about her epic attempt to re-create Christophe Novelli’s swan meringue…

That post and the resulting photos make me roar with laughter every single time, and I recommend you bookmark it to view if you ever need a mood-boost. In fact, you should just bookmark both Madame Guillotine and Ladybits blogs as they are always worth reading and never fail to lift me from the glums.

Of course I shall be blogging about our afternoon tea when we take it, so look out for pastry swans and pinky-finger lifting whilst tea-swilling.

Thank you so much, Wish and Madame Guillotine! *SQUEAL*


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