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Le Muse

Supreme comfort is, I think you will agree, very rarely combined with sublime sexiness; and yet that is exactly where fashion label Le Muse completely excel. I have lusted after several of their pieces since discovering them on Etsy, and finally plumped for the Asymmetric top as my first purchase.

Black asymmetic top by Le Muse: $65 (approximately £40.61)

I never thought I will start creating clothes for others, even though I made clothes for myself for ages. I guess I was influenced by my grandmother, who was designing and making clothes all of her life. And now I have started too. It all started with the fabric… I bought a wonderful cloth. It was so cozy and beautiful, that I didn’t need to do much with it. I started to drape it in different ways and I’ve noticed that it falls in wonderful waves. Every time I moved, it changed and curved adapting to the lines of my steps and gestures. I kept on wondering how could I catch those curves and flux of the fabric… Well, I believe I did it. And that’s how LeMuse was born. ~ Lina, Le Muse.

You can see the shaping a little better in the violet version of the asymmetric top.

Oh, my top is just fantastic – a heavy, fluid jersey that just drapes beautifully and everything cut & stitched to perfection. With Le Muse, simplicity is the key feature, along with fabrics which drape without clinging. You can wear it ruched-up as a top (and off one-shoulder or draped at the front), or pulled down to its longest length, it could certainly be worn as a short dress or as a tunic with leggings.

Black asymmetric Le Muse top

Hailing from Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania – Sophia & Lina are the talented duo behind Le Muse, and in my package I received a rather unique postcard: a handwritten message on the back of a large, foil-wrapped packet of flavoured loose tea, urging me to “…always feel the most beautiful & unique muse in the world!” which I think is utterly charming. 🙂

Forest Muse dress: $75 (approximately £46.86)

I tried it on as soon as it arrived, and only wish I had ordered from them months ago! Now, of course, I am making up for lost time by compiling a list of Things I Want To Order Next. Top of that list is, currently, the Forest Muse dress. I should also take a moment to mention the wonderful photography of some of Le Muse’s clothes – they just look so incredibly appealing and effortlessly elegant.

The front of Le Muse's Forest Muse dress

Now, who could possibly not want to run through fields with armfuls of magazines or drape oneself in the grass with a foamy pitcher of fresh milk, having browsed through their styles? I would certainly be throwing myself about with abandon in a meadow, were it not raining and were I not full of a Sunday roast.

Orange Tulip muse dress by Le Muse: $89 (approximately £55.60)

Every time a woman would dress in LeMuse, I would notice how differently it looked. It adapts to individual body and moves with that person in its own unique and beautiful way. ~ Le Muse

Front view of Orange Tulip muse dress

The styles on offer at Le Muse aren’t afraid to show a little flesh – a bare shoulder here, a daringly low-cut back there – but are gently provocative without leaving the wearer feeling naked or uncomfortable in that awful constant re-arranging frenzy that comes upon one if you happen to feel your dress is too short or too tight and so remain clamped to a mirror, pulling at bits of your outfit and constantly re-checking it throughout the day. That way madness lies, as many women will surely agree! Even if you think a lady looks fabulous in a piece, if she isn’t comfortable in it, you can tell immediately, and nothing is more off-putting than someone who obviously feels out of place in whatever they are wearing.

Black Silk muse dress: $125 (approximately £78.09)

This black silk open-back dress is just stunning, I love the fluidity of the silk – it looks like it would be a dream to wear against the skin, too.

Night Blues silk muse dress

This is also available in a deep blue – the colour of the sky at dusk, which is quite lust-worthy in and of itself.

Back view of Black Silk Le Muse dress

I also really like the fact that – as with many Le Muse pieces – from one angle it may look quite ‘proper’ and slightly subdued, but from another it can be quite racy, that sensuous swathe of open space at the deeply cut back. Gorgeous!

Roman statue depicting the Four Seasons

Le Muse use the natural curves of the body to drape their pieces in a manner that puts me in mind of Roman togas or the artfully gathered fabrics used in ancient Greece that, in turn, have influenced designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Rick Owens.

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania 'Priestess' dress

Rick Owens draped dress

When you consider that each item of clothing is individually made for the wearer (there are standard sizes, but Le Muse can also tailor each piece exclusively to your requirements), I think the value for money is excellent. There is a little bit of patience involved, as your item is crafted for you, but they keep you up to date with the process and the waiting is definitely worthwhile!

I really think there’s something for most ages and sizes in Le Muse’s collections, they have a definite and recognisable style to them, but are quite diverse for all that. From tops to dresses, with some coats and jackets in the new range and all manner of coziness to snuggle into, or sensuality to swathe yourself in, you should definitely go and check out their full range.

Cozy Muse sweater: $99 (approximately £61.85)

Go to the Le Muse website to learn more about the label and to view the incredible collections in full, or to their Etsy shop – just click the picture below to be whisked there right now…


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