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Blackadder to KISS, Ab Fab to Clockwork Orange – the Bizarre & Wondrous World of Bo Bo Babushka’s Matryoshka Dolls

There are some sellers on Etsy who deserve their very own post – millions of them, actually, though I sadly don’t have time to even list all my favourites, here! Bo Bo Babushka is one of those sellers, and if the pictures of her wares don’t warm the cockles of your heart, or at the very least make you smile, I think you must likely be dead inside, m’dear.

Blackadder (series II) Matryoshka Dolls by Bo Bo Babushka

Just gaze in wonder upon the brilliance of her Blackadder (series II) set, for example. The facial expressions are a joy, and I love the synchronicity between the various characters and their relative sizes to each other.

KISS Matryoshka Dolls by Bo Bo Babushka

If anyone can look at these KISS Matryoshka dolls and not fall instantly in love, they have a harder heart than I.

Irene is the lady behind Bo Bo Babushka, and uses her amazing painting skills to bring each set of Matryoshka (also known as ‘Russian Dolls’ or ‘Nesting Dolls’) to life. You can read more about her and the inspirations behind the various designs, with sneak-peek behind-the-scenes previews of her wondrous creations by going to the Bo Bo Babushka blog.

Absolutely Fabulous Matryoshka Dolls by Bo Bo Babushka

Here’s a set dedicated to Absolutely Fabulous (another of my favourite TV shows, back in the day). It’s the little details I love – the bottles of Bolli are a scream!

Clockwork Orange Matryoshka Dolls by Bo Bo Babushka

Cult shows and geeky references abound. Surely you must know someone who would simply adore some Clockwork Orange Nesting Dolls on their mantelpiece?

Lady Gaga Matryoshka Dolls by Bo Bo Babushka

Or perhaps music’s more your or (your beloved’s) thing? In which case, those Lady Gaga dolls are just the ticket.

The Young Ones Matryoshka Dolls by Bo Bo Babushka

People of A Certain Age [*ahem* – me] will especially love references to golden oldies such as The Young Ones. How darling that there’s a rat as the diddiest one!

This is definitely a shop to browse through in order to cheer yourself up – and definitely a shop to look at if you’re after a present for your resident geek/fangirl/boy. I want one of every set I’ve seen, so far. 🙂

Which ones would you choose, for yourself or as a present?


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