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Tom Yum [Yum!]
February 20, 2011, 8:05 pm
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When one craves authentic-tasting Tom Yum soup, one’s obvious first port of call is the middle-class emporium that is Marks & Spencer.

No, really!

They have a range of spicy sauces/pastes that, at the time of writing, were on offer at 99p. I got quite a few, but my favourite, by a country mile, was the Tom Yum soup paste.

One jar makes oodles of meals (you use about 4tsp in each batch of soup) and it’s incredibly quick to whip up a tasty, spicy treat.

I made this again just now – not exactly a traditional Sunday roast, but quicker, healthier and far easier to accomplish when suffering with a horrid cold and chest infection.

Forgive the terrible photo – it was taken on my phone in a steamy kitchen!

All you do is add however many teaspoons you require (I add 5 for extra sizzle) to simmering water or coconut milk (I use both: a tin of light coconut milk and twice as much water in my mix), some noodles, a handful of quickly stir-fried vegetables & prawns (or whatever you like, really!) and mix the whole lot up in one big pan. Add more water or coconut milk if it’s too intensely spicy for you (wimp), or if you want to turn it from my thick broth into a more definite soup.

Takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. YUM!


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I buy this every few weeks. The best decongestant in the world.

Works well pasted straight out of the jar on to oven baked salmon ( wrapped in tin foil). Nice with cous cous and oven roasted red onions and peppers.

Comment by Alistair Moore

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