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Upstairs Downstairs: Golden Goddess

Hullo! This is the second part of my re-imagining two memorable costumes from the recent BBC drama, Upstairs Downstairs – basically a chance for me to swoon over pretty dresses.

Yesterday, I sighed over the scarlet silk bias-cut dress worn by Claire Foy as ‘Lady Persie’ [Persephone]; today will focus on her on-screen older sister, Lady Agnes Holland (played by the brilliant Keeley Hawes).

There was a particular scene in which Lady Agnes hurries Downstairs to the kitchen and pauses on the stairs. She wore a full-length gown covered in tiny gold shimmering sequins, and it was jaw-droppingly exquisite. I’ve never been a huge fan of gold, but this dress completely opened my eyes.

The dress used in the show is (so I believe) a vintage original, but I think I’ve found a passable modern interpretation if you’d like to wear something similar. It’s from Dorothy Perkins (yes, really) and is currently in their sale for only £40! It’s shown, below, with the draped back detail (which I think would work equally well – and a better re-creation of the Upstairs Downstairs look) at the front.

There weren’t a huge number of press shots to look at, but you can see what looks like very dark brown nail polish, so I went with that as a theme, along with a selection of accessories I think work really well with the outfit as a whole. I do hope you like the pieces I chose!

Yours swooningly,

Miss Nightingale


Upstairs Downstairs: Golden Goddess

Upstairs Downstairs: Golden Goddess by Beyond the Pale featuring stone jewelry

Gold sequin maxi dress
150 GBP –
Gold dresses »

Feather and stone ring
255 GBP –
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Organza Rose Clip
$46 –
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Milani Lip Color, Black Cherry
2.33 GBP –


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I have really got to watch this. Do you think it’s better than Downton Abbey?

Comment by arnique

Oh yes, you must! I loved Downton, but this had more charm, somehow, and I was absolutely gripped by it. Can’t wait to see more when they (apparently) make them!

Comment by Miss Nightingale

SO pretty , I linked your quote to a recent post I did no upstairs downstairs. these are perfect picks

Comment by little augury

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