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Upstairs Downstairs: The Return of Mitford-esque Glamour

The recently screened new series of BBC drama, Upstairs Downstairs has been a huge hit with audiences and critics alike; despite the fact that fans of the original had been anxiously biting their lips, with some getting ready to spew forth poison if their golden memories were tarnished. Thankfully, it was beautifully written, wonderfully acted and with many a sensitive, respectful nod to the past.

One of the greatest treats for viewers (well, certainly for this viewer) were the lust-worthy costumes – many being original vintage pieces of the period – which just shone from the screen and quite made one sigh with envy. It’s a very particular British kind of glamour – all aristocratic complexions, matte lipstick, clicky heels and that clipped Mitford-esque brittleness which defines the period for me.

The two sisters had most of the envy-making ensembles, with Lady Persephone (played by Claire Foy) wearing a particularly memorable outfit in one scene, consisting of a scarlet red bias cut silk gown worn with a fur stole.

Even though I don’t personally like fur, one could not help but gasp at the effect: she looked absolutely stunning.

I adore vintage clothes, but many of the delicate fabrics of this period can be too fragile to wear without fear of spoiling them forever, along with the fact that women were, generally speaking, far more petite than nowadays, so the sizing can be an issue. With this in mind, I wanted to re-create two of the most memorable looks from the series, using contemporary clothes and accessories but echoing that vintage look as closely as possible.

The first outfit I’ve re-created is that of Lady Persephone – I do hope you like it!

Upstairs Downstairs: Lady Persephone

Upstairs Downstairs: Lady Persephone by Beyond the Pale featuring a suede leather handbag

Fur tippet Grey
25 GBP –
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These are so pretty- I have linked them for my readers to see in a post I am doing on the series

Comment by little augury

Where can I purchase this dress? It is amazing!

Comment by Merlin

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