Beyond the Pale

Gargoyles & Garnets

The juxtaposition of beauty and decay shall ever win my heart, and the gorgeous range of handmade jewellery by Jess Amity perfectly encapsulates this look.

Sinister Daemon Poppy Jasper & Black Onyx Necklace by Jess Amity: $119

Sinister Daemon Necklace Close-up

Using antique hardware (a piece rescued from an old drawer backplate in the Daemon necklace, for example), Jess Amity creates uniquely wearable pieces of art that imbue the glamour of the past – very luxe Deco gypsy – with a modern, exotic twist.

Cool Labdorite & Moonstone Loop Necklace by Jess Amity: $68

Labdorite & Moonstone Necklace Close-up

It’s that pairing of imperfect, faded grandeur with little nuggets of the new that I love so much. This one, made with an antique drawer-pull and milky chips of labdorite and moonstone, looks like a cluster of mistletoe dusted with icing sugar, somehow. Simply beautiful.

The range encompasses a wide variety of styles and prices – from $11 to $633 – but all of them obviously made with love, and with that sympathetic re-imagining of otherwise forgotten objects.

Lapis Bracelet Antique Hardware Collection by Jess Amity: $42

Lapis Bracelet Close-up

Jess Amity gives us an insight into her collection by explaining how her background shapes her inspirations:

Having been brought to life in a globe trotting existence, I have lived in many places and have experienced many wondrous things. I am inspired by dreams, gypsies, tribal nomads, jungle warriors, floating through hazy clouds, concrete and rust, amoebous particles floating through the ocean of life and the desert’s desolate, yet primitive beauty.

Moss and Wood Necklace - Antique Hardware Collection, by Jess Amity: $66

Moss and Wood Necklace Close-up

I have a degree in fine art photography, but have the inability to contain myself within set boundaries. Because I constantly find myself dreaming and thinking “wouldn’t it be cool if…,” and because I loathe the current consumer society of mass produced, personality lacking, low quality goods, I apply my talents to many areas and live in a handmade and embellished world.

Carnelian Spiderwebs Necklace, by Jess Amity: $46

Carnelian Spiderwebs Necklace Close-up

(The Carnelian Spiderwebs Necklace, above, was the first item I saw in the collection and remains one of my favourites; it has an opulent simplicity to it, if that makes any sense? Love, love, love).

Expresso Agate Bracelet by Jess Amity: $38

Expresso Agate Bracelet Close-up

I approach all projects the same way that I approach life, with grand dreams, fingers crossed, the ability to love imperfections and the ability to see beauty in unlikely places.

Citrine & Garnet Lariat by Jess Amity: $39

Citrine & Garnet Lariat Close-up

The use of unusual stones in combination with the antique hardware creates a kind of perfect harmony – look how beautifully the chipped patina of the drawer-pull, below, is complimented and echoed in chunky chips of white turquoise. Stunning.

White Turquoise Droplets Necklace by Jess Amity: $48

White Turquoise Droplets Necklace Close-up

Jess Amity also sells a selection of vintage clothing and accessories, which are well-chosen and lovely, but you can probably tell that it’s her eclectic jewellery designs that have stolen my heart. 😉

Gargoyles in Chains Necklace by Jess Amity: $55

Gargoyles in Chains Necklace Close-up

Do go and browse the whole shop HERE – it’s well worth your time to snoop around and drool, as I have been doing!


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