Beyond the Pale

Seal of Approval […sorry]

Dreadful pun, I know darlings, but I was going to go with Waxing Lyrical as a title, so think yourselves lucky.

I have always hankered after wax seals and things adorned with wax seals. Must be the hopeless romantic in me, I suppose. They speak of ancient secrets and love letters and all manner of interesting things yet to be discovered…

Ritzy Misfit (red letter of your choice) pendant: $30

Therefore, with such passions in mind, it was with delight that I discovered Ritzy Misfit.  She started making beautiful vintage wax seal-effect pendants as a hobby, and now has a thriving business on Etsy. I have lusted after them for some time and, finally, snaffled one of my very own.

My Ritzy Misfit pendant

I love it!

Now planning which other colours I should consider… 🙂

Ritzy Misfit (green letter of your choice) pendant: $30

Ritzy Misfit Bold & Beautiful Pendant: $30

Inspired by this happy purchase, I just had to put together a selection of similarly themed goodies which I also hanker after. Behold…

Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval by Beyond the Pale featuring Vivienne Westwood shoes

ink print asymetric dress
55 GBP –
More dresses »

Williamsburg Market Pewter Inkwell
$89 –

old love letter

Just HOW cute are those shoes? I love the heeled versions, too, but me + heels = A&E.

A relatively new find (for me) has been the range of bags and accessories by Disaster Designs. Basically, to cut a long story short, I want one of everything they do. 🙂

Disaster Designs Paper Plane Overnight Bag: £40.99

I tried to find this wallet everywhere & they had all sold out…now (having purchased a completely different wallet from another range) I see this one is still available from this website, and at a reduced price. Such is life…

Disaster Designs Paper Plane Wallet: £17.95

Disaster Designs Paper Plane Makeup Bag: £16.66

Disaster Designs Paper Plane Wash Bag: £22.55

In fact, ‘Temptations Gifts’ have a number of the designs at reduced prices. Tempting indeed…

Disaster Designs Dandy Overnight Bag: £49.45

Disater Designs Dandy Make Up Bag: £13.50

Until next time, dearlings

Miss Nightingale



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Hi just saw ur post! Was wondering what level of character ur necklace from Ritzy Misfit is.. was planning on getting one but not sure what level to get!

Comment by Joan

hi! just wonderin what level of character ur necklace from ritzy misfit was.. planning on getting one and not sure what level to get.

Comment by joan

Hi! I chose the following options for mine:

‘Character’: The second degree

Colour: Medium

Hope this helps – I found it came out pretty much as I’d hoped/envisaged. 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

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