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Geek Love: My Downward Spiral
March 19, 2010, 12:20 am
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To celebrate the be-ringleted fiance’s first ever Gaming blog post having being chosen as 1Up’s front page pick earlier today; I thought along with my ever-present themed selection of items, I would let you into my own dark secret…

I Was A Teenage Geek.

Molecular code spells: G=glycine, E=glutamate, K=lysine $105, By Molecular Muse

It could be the title of a Jerry Springer Show episode, but it was the actual truth, dear hearts! Also… I still am, though to a less obvious extent I suppose.

I had, from a very young age, a fascination for computers. I owned a ZX Spectrum and spent many, many hours hunched over the keyboard and typing 0’s and 1’s until my eyes crossed.

If you are under 30 you are likely reading this with a raised eyebrow and wondering when I shall get around to mentioning mangles and how we avoided dinosaurs on our way to the Mill. Tish tosh, young whipper-snappers, run away and play nicely until the adults have finished talking. ;p

WTF (or FTW) Framed Magnets, $30 by Katie Kutthroat

Anyway, yes. After several hours I would have a pathetic rainbow that blipped across the screen in a jagged streak of colour. It was momentarily thrilling – I recall screaming for my mother to come and look. I cannot recall her being overly impressed, and to be honest, those hours I nearly made myself go blind for a pixelated rainbow did not entirely seem worth it.

The Cake is a Lie button, $3.00 by geek details

Programming was not for me, and so I fell headlong into the world of games, which promised far greater results…

The first game I became truly, horribly addicted to was Descent. The results it produced were long spells of dizziness and blinding headaches caused by hurtling through the bewildering array of bizarre textures leering up at you from every possible angle, as you navigated through architectural landscapes at breakneck speed.


I would play it for hours at a time without a break, twisting and turning, spinning across the screen until I had to go and have a lie down. I got quite good at it. From there I moved onto adventure games and then I became a New Romantic (I know) and then a Goth (much like Descent, I was on a downward spiral), so although I was still interested in games, I hadn’t the time to play them what with all the poetry reading and sulking. And drinking Snakebite and Black.

Snakebite & Black: A "cocktail" according to Wikipedia, yet strangely not often on the menus of world class cocktail bars

Now I really enjoy high-quality cerebral games that still manage to have a sense of humour, like Bioshock and Portal, watched almost like interactive films alongside the be-ringleted one, my very own geek.

I may have learned to choose a foundation that matches my skin colour and swapped the Snakebite and Black for GIN (good quality gin, not “cooking gin” as I call certain brands), wine and occasionally Champagne. But underneath, I’m still a geek. Always will be.

I do hope you will enjoy browsing the various splendid array of geekery I have hand-picked for you all!

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) PONG the Purse by Worthy Soy Candles, 2) Spell GEEK Necklace by Molecular Muse, 3) Funny geek addicted to gaming t-shirt by Jam Jam Tees

2nd Row: 1) Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle Decal by Stickerella, 2)Half-Life Embroidered Patch, by JoJo Customises, 3) WTF or FTW Framed Magnets by Katie Kutthroat

3rd Row: 1) PWND Comic Book Charm Necklace by I Make Cute Stuff, 2) The Cake is a Lie button by Geek Details, 3) Portal Cross Stitch by Frgmntd Dreams

4th Row: 1) Autobot Decal by Eagle Eye Designs, 2) Geek Soap by Swan Mountain Soaps, 3) Cube de Voyage Pillow Cover by Estelle de Paris

Until next time, geeklets,

Miss Nightingale.



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Thank you so much for including my PWND! charm necklace your awesome post! I too, was a “New Romantic” and then a Goth-before-they-called-it-Goth — and have lost many nights to beloved FPS like BioShock, Halo and the like. Geeks 4-ever!

Comment by imakecutestuff

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