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Pastel Please: Hair to Dye For. [sorry]

As Vogue recently reported, pastel hair is having its day as a trend, and I have to say I rather like it. It reminds me of Madame Pompadour style 18th Century powdered locks.

Model du jour Dree Hemingway with pastel locks

Fear not. I don’t intend to go pastel, dear readers, as anything other than dark brown or red hair looking back at me in the mirror would fluster me unnecessarily these days. I have been through every shade in the rainbow, so although my funky hair days are behind me, I can still appreciate the look on other people.

Tavi wears it very well (I think you have to be young and cute to get away with that colour and not be called a granny!) and Roxanne follows the look through to her powder pink jacket, toughening up the look with Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Young style blogger Tavi goes powder blue/grey. Cute!

Pastel blue hair, photo by ♥chimidoro

Giles Deacon’s choice of watercolour hues for the locks of his models at Paris Fashion Week are possibly responsible for kicking off the trend into the mainstream.

Ashley Olsen opted for an altogether more subtle take on the look, with streaks of different coloured pastels rather than an all-over wash, but I think it reads as a bit of a cop-out. It’s edging towards a sixth former being bored in an art class and colouring in their highlights with chalk. Sorry, dear.

Ashley Olsen's pastel streaks. Photo by Getty Images

I far prefer the braver souls who have plumped for an all-over colour with graduating tones, such as Swedish model Frida Gustavsson’s shoot for Vogue Germany’s March 2010 issue. Very Marie Antoinette Goes Biker Chick Goth!

Frida Gustavsson for Vogue Germany March 2010 (wearing Balmain jacket)

And of course Chanel had beautifully sculptured pastel-streaked bouffants a-plenty (rather more sophisticated than Ms Olsen’s I feel, but perhaps less practical!)

Pastel Bouffant for Chanel

All this pastel makes me feel rather Spring-like, even though the weather currently disagrees. Ah, how I long for the end of drizzle and ice. Anyway, if you can’t stand the cutesy sweetness of pastel hair, just opt for an accessory instead. Probably easier for most of us, in the long run, let’s face it!

Of course I had to find a selection of treasures to share with you. If you enjoy pastels, or simply prefer looking at them on other people, I do hope you’ll enjoy my selection of shops for you to browse through. 🙂

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) Urban Designs, 2) Midnight Affair, 3) PURE Natural Minerals

2nd Row: 1) Orglamix, 2) Leper Queen, 3) Minus One

3rd Row: 1) Vivka, 2) Passe Purse, 3) Timeless Design

4th Row: 1) Feather Heart Flower, 2) Ryeleigh Rose, 3) Alissa Studio


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I love the pastel hair and especially the great shot of the Olsen sisters. Thank you for featuring my Marie Antionette choker.
The Passé Purse

Comment by Danette Darbonne

Thanks for including my shop in your post! 🙂

Comment by Sarah

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