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Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck: Romance, Historical & Modern
February 14, 2010, 7:37 pm
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Long-term readers will know that I am quite unashamedly giddy about Georgette Heyer’s historical romance novels, and I’m delighted to announce that BBC Radio 7 dramatised Georgette Heyer’s Regency Buck (some time ago, but the first time I’d heard it).

It’s a very… Am-Dram sort of a piece, if you ask me. Lots of unnecessary vowels and the distinct whiff of ham. However, it gets a lot better as it goes along and is still delightful to listen to on a cosy Sunday afternoon.

It’s available to listen to right now (7 days left to listen again on their website, linked above). Next Sunday, they are dramatising Friday’s Child (which should also be available by Listen Again after it has been broadcast).

Hurrah! I far prefer Friday’s Child, anyway, and shall hope for less…braying… performances.

Neoclassical Grecian fern silver headband, My Lavaliere: $18

Oh, I love this headband – so pretty and very Regency looking. I think it would be perfect for a bride or bridesmaids to wear. 🙂

Anyway, I have had a lovely day of coffee truffles for breakfast (they are allowed, as they are the most breakfasty of the chocolates I was presented with by the be-ringleted finace). I received the now traditional “In Sympathy” card with effusive declarations and the also traditional bacon sandwich (made with huge Irish soda farls) and a steaming mug of tea. Bliss.

Josephine Gown, Anne Sophie Toniazzi: $100

How adorable is this Josephine Gown? I think it could work equally well as a simple wedding gown or a boho style maxi dress worn with sandals or little pumps, layers of necklaces and flowing locks for the Summer.

Regency Chemisette, Bells Mill Clothiers: $30

The same could be said for versatility of this darling little chemisette based on a traditional pattern. Not one just for the costume-party, I think, but imagine this being worn under a simple shift dress for work on a hot day, in place of a shirt. Practical and more than a little sexy, in a modest way. By the way, the current buttons are plastic, but may be replaced with period correct ones on request, which is a lovely touch.

Other than the romantic breakfast (our sort of romance), I have been pottering about, listening to the above whimsical historical romance, and, as you see, searching a treasure trove of Regency-inspired delights to make a ‘Regency Buck’ themed selection.

Direct links to items shown:

1st Row: 1) Handy Little Me, 2) Miss Quite Contrary, 3) Atelier de Wolvelay

2nd Row: 1) Bonny Blue Hearts, 2) My Lavaliere, 3) Pemberley Dreams

3rd Row: 1) Which Goose, 2) Vicious Vintage Finds, 3) Miss Crowland

4th Row: 1) Thread Head, 2) Our Treasures, 3) Little Bits

I do hope you enjoy looking at them and exploring the shops they are located in.

Until next time, dear hearts,

Miss Nightingale



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I don’t quite like Elizabeth Proud’s voice. Slappable.

Comment by arnique

Oh I *quite* agree, one’s fingers twitch to slap her within seconds of the thing beginning. Really awful choice for that character, I think. Am hoping for better things from next week’s!

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

hello! I love your blog! I too am a HUGE fan of all things Regency. Thanks for including my art work in your selection! 😉

Comment by Louise

Hi! Oh thank you 🙂 And I’m always pleased to feature my favourites 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

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