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Leggings: Ladies, Be Not Afraid!
January 7, 2010, 12:19 am
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Ah, leggings. How they divide the population.

There are those who adore them, who live in them, who wouldn’t dream of not having them in their wardrobe; then there are those whose eyebrows shoot skywards when they see Women of a Certain Age (anything over 23 in Leggings Years!) wearing or purchasing said garments.

I used to fall into the latter group, until it dawned on me that it’s all about how they are worn and, even more importantly somehow, how you think of them. Sounds bleedin’ obvious, doesn’t it? And it is, really, but still needs pointing out.

There are very, very few of us who could get away with wearing leggings and a short top. Most models look a bit duff in mere leggings and short tops. That leaves very little room for normal women to look anything but dreadful. The horror! But lengthen the top/dress/skirt – tunic length (mid thigh to just above the knee) is best – add some chunky boots (knee-high would be my choice, but the gazelle-like ankle owners among you might like to plump for a jaunty shoe or cut-off boot) and we are on to a winner!

Lace & Sequin Luxe Leggings by Norwegian Wood, $55

Leggings should be seen as “particularly opaque opaque tights” in my opinion. When you start thinking of them as a part of underwear, rather than the bottom half of the outfit itself, all sorts of previously unexplored avenues are opened…

Cream Lace Leggings by Cast Couture, $25

There’s something very comforting about wearing a pair of well-fitting leggings with a shorter dress or skirt than you might usually reach for. It’s an extra layer of modesty and, particularly when teamed with a cosy knit or cardigan and the omnipotent chunky boots, prevents one from feeling like a ten dollar hooker whilst wearing what you would normally consider a ‘daring’ length.

Gold Print Bird Leggings by Malu, $45

However, Ladies, let me offer you this sage advice: if you still find yourself tugging at your skirt as you walk out the door… turnaround. Go and put something longer on. It just wont do. I hate, hate, hate seeing women who look perfectly fine but are so obviously uncomfortable in what they are wearing. It just screams “I am wearing this in order to please someone else and want to run home crying!”

Black Leggings by Lamixx, $18

Go on, buy some leggings if you haven’t already got some, or dig those ones out of the sadly forgotten Mistake Pile at the back of your drawers… Start off with trusty black jersey ones as training fodder, then layer like mad until you feel able to leave the house. 🙂

Here are some further gorgeous outfit ideas from some of my favourites on Etsy…

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) Pineapple Mint, 2) Kennedy Holmes, 3) The Greedy Seagull

2nd Row: 1) yy studio, 2) Ouma, 3) Cast Couture

3rd Row: 1) Babooshka Boutique, 2) Malu7, 3) Black Market Baby

4th Row: 1) Brugmansia, 2) 20 Twenty Vintage, 3) TX Vintage Boots & Shoes

Keep those legs warm, gals!

Until next time,

Miss Nightingale



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wow, thanks for including me! and amongst the likes of Norwegian Wood no less… im flattered. 🙂

Comment by Catherine

leggings can be scary! i only began wearing them recently and now they’re pretty much all i want to wear.

thanks for featuring my item! i really appreciate it!

Comment by kh

Thank you for including my dress:) Legging is absolutely a must-have for winter outfit ^^

Comment by Echo

Hey – thanks for the tip about the birdy leggings – they look fab! xx

Comment by Top Bird @ Wee Birdy

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