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Cranford Redux: Costume Drama Style

Hullo dear hearts,

I return misty-eyed from watching the second part of BBC1’s Cranford Christmas special. I take back what some of what I said just before actually watching it. There I bemoaned (well, tutted a little) that it hadn’t really been as moving or gripping as the first [proper] series. Well. Rest assured, the second half is infinitely superior to the first episode!

Loved it. Cried a lot. Smiled a lot.

If I had a lace hankie I’d have dabbed at eyes in a delicate fashion, but had to make do with the back of a pyjama sleeve.

I promised a selection of suitably Cranfordian themed goodies, and I shall not fail you…

Direct links to items shown, left to right:

1st Row: 1) Lady Rose Treasures, 2) Miss Sadie Baxter, 3) Art Photo Girl

2nd Row: 1) Carton Company, 2) Poppenkraal, 3) Teardrum

3rd Row: 1) Matti Online, 2) Sky Watcher 1121, 3) Flutter

4th Row: 1) Pish Posh Vintage, 2) Chrissy Piper, 3) Prudence Mae Patterns

All of these finds warrant a closer look. The Locomotive Scarf, for example,  is so intricately worked and has the phrase “Got Steam?” crocheted into the design. Amazing!

Until next time, poppets,

Miss Nightingale


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Thanks for the mention. Best, Louise artphotogirl1

Comment by artphotogirl1

I agreed exactly that the first part was surprisingly mediocre but it all came good- and i wonder if you watched both eps together if it wouldn’t have flowed better. Judi Dench though- wow- she can act sadness with her hands just by touching someone

Comment by Rose

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