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Naughty but Nice: Saucy Vintage Style

Thanks to the ever-wonderful source of inspiration and money-parting that is N.E.E.T. Magazine’s blog, I have recently discovered an incredibly exciting Parisian brand: Lochers.

From the get-go, I knew this was a product line I would love. Just look at the intro page! Modernised Victorian/Vintage style? Check. Cheeky Victorian images? Check. Witty wording? Check. And so I clicked away to my heart’s content for the next half hour or so. Slightly drooling. Furiously adding things to my Wants List (which I then emailed to the be-ringleted fiance). ;p

My first lust-have is this utterly darling little snap-closure purse (otherwise known as “kiss-lock closures). I am always drawn to these kiss-lock style purses, but even more so when they come in a variety of cute fabric choices and – oh, rapture! – with a number of playfully rude phrases to have emblazoned across the front…

The striped version (shown above) is my favourite fabric choice, and I would DEFINITELY choose phrase 3: “Bucks from Hooking” to have on mine. A full list of phrases may be found on Lochers website (click on the pic to be whisked straight there).

Mind you, the floral choice is a very cute choice for Spring… Perhaps I should get two. 🙂

I am completely in love with their clothing line, too. My top choice is the “CASSEI-TOI CHERI” (“Get Lost Darling”) cotton t-shirt (surely the most glamorous t-shirt ever) in a particularly lovely shade of teal:

…followed by the slightly more risqué (same style & colour) “I’m not your f****ing sweetheart”.

Their jewellery range makes my heart beat a little faster, too.

Wear with a wink and a knowing smile… 😉

In very much the same vein, I love the following items for the fact their whimsical, home-spun styles and cutesy fabrics/patterns lead the casual viewer into the belief that they’re a very traditional – almost twee – take on vintage style.

A closer look reveals the shocking truth.

Bawdy and beautiful with a tongue-in-cheek humour: what’s not to like?

Direct links to items shown…

First Row: 1) Double Speak, 2) Trixie Delicious, 3) The Purple Hippo

Second Row: 1) Hoolala, 2) Cruel Tea, 3) Dude and Chick

Third Row: 1) desTroy, 2) t8 Designs, 3) Oh So Sassy Greetings

Fourth Row: 1) Bookity, 2) Monkeys Always Look, 3) The Crafty Goddess

More tea, vicar?

Probably not. ;p


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This is such a wonderful collection. Thanks for including me!

Comment by allison

What fun, thanks so much for including my Sassy card.

Comment by Kathy

Thanks so much for including our card — it’s a great post.

Comment by Samantha

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