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Creepy Vintage-Style Illustrations to Treasure
November 28, 2009, 5:33 pm
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WHY wasn’t I previously aware of the beautiful artwork of Madame Talbot’s Victorian Lowbrow? You are possibly aware by now that I am somewhat obsessed with most things Victorian – particularly the darker, seamier side of the period, and all of their fabulous posters fit the (forgive the pun) bill!

Laudanum Poison Poster by Victorian Lowbrow, $14.95

Mutter Museum Poster by Victorian Lowbrow, $14.95

This particular piece (below) reminds me of the type of illustrations found in the somewhat disturbing books of stories I so loved as a child. In fact, all of Toxic Ink‘s prints look like they have been plucked from a vintage Annual and are just waiting for their stories to be told.

Temptation Art Print by Toxic Ink, $20

Startled Art Print by Toxic Ink, $20

Sarah Blank‘s artwork is just heart-breakingly beautiful but still with that unsettling, creepy undertone I crave. I would love to look like the subjects in her paintings: all come-hither eyes, glacial composure and bee-stung lips. The descriptions she gives some pieces just add to their mysterious allure…

Seafaring Heart Print by Sarah Blank, $17.50

Seafaring Heart Print by Sarah Blank, $17.50

The Bumblebee Sisters Buy a Bird Print by Sarah Blank, $17.50

There’s a faintly sinister feel to some of Andrea Kett‘s burlesque, vintage fashion-illustration like artwork, but with a wry humour, too. I love the Fifties-esque feel to the first print below (and would totally love a dinner party with a dressed crab who was actually dressed in a tuxedo! This is likely why we don’t have more dinner parties…) Great leer from bunny-ears chap!

The second print has a definite Marie Antoinette costume feel to it – just divine. I really like the cruel twists to each picture that prevent them from seeming overly twee (the arrow through the fox draped around her shoulders, the fact she’s simultaneously smirking and smoking)…

Dressed Crab (6x8 inch) Print by Andrea Kett, $10

Arctic Fox Print by Andrea Kett, $28

These intriguing pictures by Swan Bones are very reminiscent of those blood-chilling little books of old fairy stories you are sometimes lucky enough to come across in antique bookshops.

Three Seekers Print by Swan Bones, $29

A Single Light Print by Swan Bones, $19

I want to gather together as many such prints & artwork as I can find, place them in mismatching, eccentric looking vintage frames and group them haphazardly together on the same wall.

Creepy? Possibly. But incredibly pleasing. Exactly the kind of style I like best. 🙂

Until later, kittens.

Miss Nightingale



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Lovely assortment of works here!! Thanks again!

Comment by sarahblank

love these all! Thanks for sharing!

Comment by marie

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