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Dress-down Day Sparkle: How Not to Look Mad
November 14, 2009, 12:25 am
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There was a time when any self-respecting young gal about town knew she must leave off any hint of sparkle & glam until the cocktail hour approached. Anyone gadding about in sequins & spangles before the sun went down was to be viewed with a raised eyebrow: most likely a dirty stop-out who had woken still-drunk in a ditch, dressed in the previous night’s attire.

Sequin Jacket, from 23stien - $40

Sequin Jacket, from 23stien - $40

Nowadays, it is quite acceptable for even the most virtuous of ladies to be seen at any hour of the day in beads and bobby-dazzlers, though some people feel quite faint – still – at the very glint of a sequin. This is just silly – the trick is to dress down the sparkle with items that just scream I Don’t Really Care: jeans, obviously, but toughen it all up with leather cuffs, vintage boots or other bold accessories.

Dress-down SparkleDress-down Sparkle2

Direct links to items shown, left-to-right:

1st Row: 1) Mod Human, 2) Dirty Darling, 3) Bohemiennes

2nd Row: 1) Red Kat Black 23, 2) Two Altered Visions, 3) Recycle Reuse Revive

3rd Row: 1) Tap Shoes, 2) Lolita Vintage, 3) Miss B’s

4th Row: 1) Virtual Exchanges, 2) Belleness, 3) Simple Thrift

This is an excellent idea of how to re-use that sequined blazer you’re wearing to the Christmas do, or that vintage, ‘Jackie O’ style beaded cardi you haven’t worn yet for fear of looking too twee.

vintage BLACK ROSE sweater

Vintage Black Rose Sweater, from No Carnations - $25

Oversized mannish watches and your oldest, most-loved Converse (or your preferred brand of Leisure Shoe!) also work really well and can dress down just about any embellished item of clothing when paired with your old jeans, some leggings and a short skirt or thrown over That Comfy Favourite Jersey Dress That Goes With Everything.

double t-shirt dress - black MEDIUM

Double t-shirt Dress by Take Off Your Clothes - $80

I have about 10 such dresses, all in black, which sort of defeats the purpose. Doesn’t stop me wanting the one above as well…

Let’s face it, dear hearts: I am never going to have a capsule wardrobe. I can never be one of those people who can say – with a completely straight face – “Just add a scarf, twist up your hair and you can go straight from a 14-hour day at work to the Metropolitan Ball!” The people who tell you these things are liars, darlings. ;p But I suppose one should also accrue comfortable day/casual dresses in other colors, too…

Cranberry Crow Dress

Cranberry Crow Dress by Devil May Care - $28

As for makeup, well either a ‘natural’, ‘no makeup makeup’ look (which, as we know, takes far longer in reality to achieve than slapping a bit of slap on) or a metric tonne of eyeliner would work equally well.

I’d always plump for the metric tonne of eyeliner, but that’s just me.

I don’t believe I have left the house without eyeliner since I was about 13! The very thought horrifies me.

Until later, my chuckie-eggs,

Miss Nightingale



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Wow, what a great article. Makes me wish I were keeping that sweater, I just didn’t know how to wear it with my personal style. I wonder…

Comment by Sheena Croft

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“……who had woken still-drunk in a ditch, dressed in the previous night’s attire.”
Hahah I remember those days! =0p
Thansk for spotlighting our jeans. I love the blog and you have some great picks here!

Comment by Lolita Minx

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