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With Rings on Her Fingers and Bells on Her Toes…
November 12, 2009, 6:15 pm
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Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross

To see a fine lady upon a white horse

With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes

She shall have music wherever she goes.

– English Nursery Rhyme

The day before my birthday, I had an exciting parcel arrive from America, containing a present from the lovely Leny of Bella Chic Designs


Forgive the terribly blurry picture, but it was taken on my phone’s camera, so must be allowed for. Here’s a much better image of the same ring but without a flower, available in the shop right now.

DO have a browse around, as there are some incredibly reasonably priced vintage style delights to be found there…

Cameo Ring by Bella Chic Designs

Cameo Ring by Bella Chic Designs - $6

I shall wear this whilst drinking tea with my little finger in the air. I actually do crook my little finger whilst drinking, but not deliberately, it’s a habit from childhood and I often forget I’m doing it until someone points it out or – usually – laughs at me and thinks I’m aping snobbishness or [worse] being a snob myself!


Crook’d or crooked? Hmm. Never mind.

A little while ago I had blogged about my love – and the history – of Cameos. Now, I have my very own Bella Chic cameo ring, and I simply adore it! It fits so well into the neo-Victorian style I love best. Thank you, Leny! 🙂

Just how perfectly delicious (and convincingly real-looking) are these Meringue Rings by German designer, Tanja Hartmann? They are actually made from industrial grade silicone and are, therefore, slightly stretchy.


Meringue Rings by Tanja Hartmann, €15

Marie Antoinette would surely have loved to wear such a ring, as a jolly jape at one of her tea-parties. I think you’d definitely get the urge to bite one whilst wearing one, wouldn’t you?

Here’s a ring that reminds me of the lovably ridiculous Puddeneen Whelan and his true love, the terrifying Miss Fancy, the fractious frogs in one of my favourite books, Hounds of the Morrigan, which I recently blogged about. I’m very fond of Aventurine and it’s put to excellent use in this setting.

Sterling Silver Frog Ring With Aventurine

Silver & Aventurine Frog Ring, by Western Mountain - $13

It sort of gives the impression of an enchanted ring, don’t you think? Perhaps if you kiss one of the frogs, he turns into a Prince. I know several ladies of my acquaintance who would be pleased with such a gift!

There is a delicate simplicity and an exciting nubliness to this set of stacking rings. And yes, I am fully aware that nubliness is not a proper word. Hey-ho, I simply mean they look very tactile and playable-with. I am extremely keen of jewelery that can be played with.

Delicate Twig Stacking Ring Set, by ES Designs

Delicate Twig Stacking Ring Set, by ES Designs - $64

They also remind me of budding willow branches ripe with catkins. I vividly remember thinking that actual tiny cats would unfurl from the branches, when first hearing this name.

Kitten in a Tree

I’d love a kitten tree! I’d collect them in baskets and feed them with pipettes. [Pity my poor fiance – he regularly has to put up with me spouting this sort of nonsense].

The rings at don Moti’s shop are truly miniature works of art. Look at the incredible detail on this Couple Reminiscing ring:

Couple Reminiscing Ring (Sterling Silver)

Couple Reminiscing Ring (Sterling Silver), by don Moti - $109

“In the foreground is the couple at a young age, many many years ago, embracing each other just after marriage. In the background is the same couple at an elderly age looking back on how they once were.”

I don’t normally go a bundle on gold jewelery, but the stunning offerings from Toosis maake me want to change my mind.

I love this beautifully designed dragonfly ring with coral and jade embellishments:

Dragonfly Ring with Carved Coral & Green Jade, by Toosis - $78

Dragonfly Ring with Carved Coral & Green Jade, by Toosis - $78

…And I am equally in love with the turquoise & pearl ring, here. I think these colours work particularly well with the gold setting:

Turquoise - Pearl gold plated silver ring

Turquoise & Pearl Gold Plated Silver Ring, by Toosis - $64

There is something very pleasing about the texture of this oxidized silver, 14K gold & Carnelian ring by Arts Gallery:

Oxidized Silver, Gold & Carnelian Ring, by Arts Gallery

Oxidized Silver, Gold & Carnelian Ring, by Arts Gallery - $150

You can also find the most stunning and unusual engagement and wedding bands there, so do have a gander.

Well, now my shopping itch is nearly scratched for today, I suppose we must think of other things – like ironing and doing the washing up. Isn’t life simply too ghastly for words?

Until next time, dear things,

Miss Nightingale



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Wow thank you. It is so nice to be noticed by someone who has the eye to spot the gorgeous finds out there….

Comment by pinar

i fall in love with Toosis rings.. what a beauty:)

Comment by Sabahnur

Beautiful rings ! I love Toosis’ rings!

Comment by meltem

I love Toosis rings..She is the best jewelery design. Lovely friends as well..

Comment by Periay

[…]another nice source on this topicis ,,[…]

Comment by Pets Adoption >> Adopt a pet to ...

i like very cute wedding bands that are lined with satin clothe and some velvet colored stuffs too ;.`

Comment by Jesus Ross

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