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Birthday Adventures
November 11, 2009, 7:17 pm
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Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes and the many lovely messages I received, they really made me smile. 🙂

I had a wonderful day – just lazy, slow-waking, full of blissfully treasured (and rare!) moments with the be-ringleted fiance and I having a luxurious day-off together.

I had meant to take my camera to record the day’s ponderous adventures, but the rain made me change my mind. I sort of wish I had anyway, though. Oh well!

After opening my presents, we wandered down to The Pantiles, which is a few minutes walk from our castle flat, and had lunch at the always delightfully rumpled looking, Woods. Huge pot of tea was downed with one of our favourites – Kent Welsh Rarebit with bacon & poached eggs. Scrumptious!


The Pantiles today, © Paul Collins



The Pantiles, C.1890

The Pantiles, C.1890

As you can see, the place hasn’t changed an awful lot!


Walked through the park, laughing at squirrels (they all seem quite mad, don’t you think?) and enjoying the magnificent views, though not the cold drizzle. Not the kind of weather I had ordered for my birthday. Hmph. *crossed arms not pleased*

Never mind! We ploughed on regardless, making each other laugh, telling dirty jokes, swinging our arms and generally Gathering Looks from people we passed.

A spot of shopping later, and I had some new Victorian-style cotton rose-print pyjama bottoms from the doyen of Middle Class, Marks & Spencer – and all for the grand sum of £3. Yes, THREE POUNDS! Excellent, I love a bargain.

I then started craving a Starbucks Gingerbread latte. I know, I KNOW. They are taking over the world and all that, but I do love their Christmas syrup flavours, it’s the only time I would normally countenance darkening their doorstep, and I make no apologies for it. I’m not a fan of their un-flavoured coffee, but load me up with gingerbread syrup and call me a whore, I love ’em at this time of year!

It comes from many, many hours working (a few years ago) at Borders in London, where we had a Starbucks concession on the floor above us. The people who worked there were really sweet and used to give me free coffee & cake all the time, and I gradually became addicted to their Eggnog latte. I had to cut myself down to one a week. Sad days, that was the highlight of my working week. [Sadder days – I am gradually reaching the point of thinking that awful job was more desirable than my current one, stress-levels considering!]

Anyway, after mooching around, we came home, lounged about the place in a decadent and nonchalant manner (really, I draped myself over the furniture and ate Lindt chocolate ball things until I felt quite sick), then on to see the fantastic comedian, Stephen K Amos.

Stephen K Amos

Stephen K Amos

If you haven’t seen him live, I really do recommend it – he’s a natural performer and a really likable character to boot. He told us he’s just been signed up by the BBC for his own show.

All in all, a perfect day! Next time, I shall take my camera. ;p


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