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“It’s my birthday and I’ll dye if I want to.”
November 10, 2009, 1:11 am
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“…dye if I want to, dye if I want to… you would dye too if it happened to yooooooooou.”

I am suddenly rather starkly aware that the title of this post will only make sense to people of a Certain Age. People of my age. How shudderingly awful, yet also strangely pleasing.

Birthday Greetings

Ninon De Lenclos, On Her Last Birthday

By Dorothy Parker

So let me have the rouge again,
And comb my hair the curly way.
The poor young men, the dear young men
They’ll all be here by noon today.

And I shall wear the blue, I think-
They beg to touch its rippled lace;
Or do they love me best in pink,
So sweetly flattering the face?

And are you sure my eyes are bright,
And is it true my cheek is clear?
Young what’s-his-name stayed half the night;
He vows to cut his throat, poor dear!

So bring my scarlet slippers, then,
And fetch the powder-puff to me.
The dear young men, the poor young men-
They think I’m only seventy!

Today is my birthday. I’m 36. THIRTY SIX! How on earth did that happen? I seem to have fallen asleep when I was 28 and woken up with A GREY HAIR!

Oh lord, here comes the hair dye again.

Hilarious that I spent the best part of my late teens – late twenties religiously dyeing my hair everything from blue to black to fuchsia to purple to scarlet to black again to blonde [that lasted all of 3 hours and was utterly hideous. I am NOT a blonde, I looked ridiculous, like a cut scene from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane – and not in a good way] to dark brown…

Finally, learning to like my sort of chocolate coloured with amberish highlights kind of mousey in some lights but mostly okayish natural colour sans dye… Only to have the urge to dye all over again.


Oh the folly of youth! Actually, no. I loved dyeing my hair, so I wont regret it. I may stave off a little while, yet.

I am eating chocolates, relishing the thought of an unexpected day off with my darling be-ringleted fiance and being a good girl and not opening my presents until the morning properly begins. After I have been to sleep, which I don’t plan on doing just yet.


I have been browsing through my favourites list at Etsy to give you a sneak peek into my treasure trove of Covetable Trinkets & Fripperies. Had I oodles of pennies I would spend them on these lovely things (and many more, of course – my favourites list currently runs to 29 pages!) but these are what I’m craving right now.

I am also inordinately pleased to discover I have spelled out the phrase “A gin trollop/wench/hussy/floozy” with my first three choices.

Birthday CravingsBirthday Cravings2

Direct links to items shown, left-to-right:

1st Row: 1) Ritzy Misfit, 2) Talula, 3) Bonspiel

2nd Row: 1) Designer Playground, 2) Oveja Negra, 3) The Leather Store

3rd Row: 1) Sarah Blank, 2) Oh My Cavalier, 3) Plum Pretty Sugar

4th Row: 1) Tinker Town, 2) Le Muse, 3) Deciduous Soul

I do hope you enjoy browsing through my birthday picks, and perhaps you may stumble across the perfect gift for someone else, too. I am sure you must find something you love, darlings, as I have really quite exquisite taste. 😉

Now then, I have birthday stuff to do.

Ta-ta for now, dear hearts!

Birthday Cake Cat

I shall be sure to report my birthday adventures…

Miss Nightingale



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Whoa, are you my long lost sister of the hair dye adventures? I could have written that! You should read my blog entry about trying the non-toxic natural hair dye. Then you won’t make the same mistakes I did 😛
Thanks for loving my hussy clutch
–ellen of Bonspiel

Comment by bonspiel

Aha, dye-disaster twins? 🙂 Well, not all disasters, but certainly adventures. 😉 I shall go and read your tips, they seem very timely!

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

First things first, Happy Birthday! You are a young whippersnapper my dear… I won’t tell you my age…

Secondly, thank you ever so much for including my GIN necklace in your lovely list of goodies!

Third, I love, love, love your blog… I am looking forward to the opening of your Etsy shop! I’m sure it will be fabulous!

XXXO, talula

Comment by talula

hah! I love it! I just turned 39 the other day, I totally know how you feel 🙂
It goes by really fast. thanks for featuring me!

Comment by ellene mcclay

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I love your Etsy recommendations- you have such great taste and find such treasure- the only thing is I want to spend, spend, spend! Anyway have a very happy birthday x

Comment by Rose

Happy Birthday and thank you for including the Scrabble Tile Pendant on your blog!
I hope you have a wonderful day!

Comment by Susan

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