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What to Wear Now: Liberty Prints & Biker Boots
October 7, 2009, 9:37 pm
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Every morning is a battle in my wardrobe: what the HELL to wear when – in my little spot in the Garden of England – the Autumn weather currently goes something like this: Misty raining raining raining SUNNY HOT stormy raining WARM blustery COLD misty drizzle mizzle WINDY cold warm raining raining… and all within a single day!

Photo by Himynameisbalthazar

Photo by Himynameisbalthazar

I actually love that kind of jumbled-up weather (good job, living in the UK!) but it can make dressing appropriately a little tricky. The answer is, just as your mother told you, to layer. You can still wear a floaty summer dress, but team it with leggings or thick tights underneath, perhaps even a VEST. Yes, your mother was right about that, too. Or a long sleeved t-shirt for those that wouldn’t countenance the merest vestige of a vest.

Pair up a pretty Liberty print number with a boxy velvet jacket or, to toughen up the whole ensemble and for one of my favourite looks ever: ditzy florals with a leather jacket (even an oversized or man’s jacket) and biker boots. It says effortlessly sexy at just about any age, I think (given the correct proportions) and if it gets a little steamy, take the jacket off. Pile on the mis-matched scarves & floral accessories, too, to cheer up a dull day!

Liberty & Leather 1Liberty & Leather 2

Direct Links to Items Shown, Left to Right…

First Row: 1) Sweetnellie, 2) Hen and Chick, 3) Sleepy King

Second Row: 1) Artifactory, 2) Groovin Tuesday, 3) Scarlet Ribbons UK

Third Row: 1) Clever Nettle, 2) Alice Caroline, 3) M Holland

Fourth Row: 1) Vintage Jones, 2) Mavis and Frank, 3) Hellcat Vintage

Liberty prints are forever the queen of florals and have been going strong since the actual Mister Liberty – Arthur, to his pals – began creating the iconic patterned fabrics in London’s Regent Street in 1875. Each season, new fabric designs are produced for the Liberty collection, the designers “…drawing inspiration from art, architecture, lifestyle, personal experiences and the extensive Liberty archive.”

By the way, forgive a gal the whimsy, but I just had to use these cutely aloof dolls/soft toys as the faces of this ‘look book’ selection. I am not generally a fan of dolls and gave up my soft toys some time ago, but these ones have such character I want to adopt them all!

Liesel by Sweetnellie $24

Liesel by Sweetnellie: $24

Liesel is a portable little snoot, 7.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.

Her head is crocheted from a blend of wool and mohair and the front of her frock is a Liberty of London, cotton lawn.

She has two button eyes, accented with tiny embroidered eyebrows and a wool beret atop her head.

Liesel is finished with a wool felt backing, a heartfelt sentiment and a bit of Midori ribbon around her neck.

(Due to the small bits, Liesel is not recommended for young children).

Cutie Pie by Hen and Chick: $29

Cutie Pie by Hen and Chick: $29

This little lady is looking for a good friend. She loves to tend her flowers. She likes to swing really high on the swings. And most of all she likes to make a fort with chairs and blankets. Her little green pea coat is fully removable, fastens with a snap, and keeps her warm while crunching through leaves.

This doll is made with new and recycled fabrics. She is 19 inches tall and she has orange felt hair, green eyes and black painted shoes. She has a cute green dress with purple and orange flowers, and purple tights. She is safe and appropriate for all ages. Her beautiful face is hand painted with a pensive and kind expression. She is one of a kind and bound to be a devoted friend.

Bon Bon the Blushing Squirrel by Sleepy King: $23

Bon Bon the Blushing Squirrel by Sleepy King: $23

Instead of playing with the other squirrels in the giant oak tree, Bon Bon spends most of her time baking acorn pies and doing crossword puzzles.

Measures approx 9 inches high.

This item is made to order especially for you! Please allow 3-5 days for completion and shipping.

Bon Bon is made from clean recycled tweed wool (wool colors may vary, but they are always brownish/gray), fleece, safety eyes and stuffed with new poly fil.

Of course we shall be wearing our blackberry lip stains or our bright, pillar-box screaming red lipsticks with this look – along with a metric ton of eyeliner, pearls, layered chains (masses of them) or statement bib-style necklaces. Comfort with a raw edge. Wonderful. 🙂

By the way – if you are utterly allergic to any hint of floral patterns – as I was for many years, bearing the scars of a 1970’s flower-patterned childhood – you can still get the look by wearing one of these far more subtle Liberty bracelets or necklaces, as shown above, by Mavis and Frank. I can think of lots of people who wouldn’t necessarily wear a floral dress but would love these accessories…

Scarlet Liberty necklace by Mavis and Frank: $21

Scarlet Liberty necklace by Mavis and Frank: $21

Yours flowered-up biker-chickishly,

Miss Nightingale.



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What a fun blog post! I enjoyed it very much! Thank you for mentioning Bon Bon! 😀

Comment by sleepyking

Oh thank you! It was a pleasure to choose Bon Bon, she;s adorable. 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

Liberty is my paradise as you can probably tell from my blog (although actually I have stopped talking about it quite so much as got concerned people might think I worked for them!). To me it is the perfect shop- and the haberdashery department makes me wish every time I go in that I had worked harder at textiles at school.

Comment by Rose

There is something romantic and wonderful about Liberty that makes me excited about going there to this day – It’s the first shop in London I remember my mother taking me to when I was a little girl. I was totally overwhelmed with the beauty of colours, textures and patterns (my mother used to be a fashion buyer) and still am overwhelmed by it all!

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

what a great post!!!i love the idea~
thanks for including my Vintage Jones boots too!
Mary Jane

Comment by Mary Jane Hunter

Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

Suzy, this is such a lovely post. Thank you again for including my boots. 🙂

Comment by Cindy

You find the most adorable items. I want every doll!

Comment by kaliwags

I like this outfit suggestion, very much my style, wearing right now a floral dress and biker boots but not leather jacket!!!

Comment by margarita

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