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Show and Tell: Snoop Into My Shopping Bag
September 28, 2009, 3:09 pm
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As promised yesterday – I will share with you some of my most recent Etsy treasures. It’s always nice to have a good nosy look at other people’s purchases, don’t you think?

The first isn’t even a purchase – it was a wonderful gift from Robbie Jenkins: a seller I featured previously on a post celebrating the release of Faye L. Booth’s latest book, Trades of the Flesh. The post was entitled Ode to the Fallen Woman and the pendant I featured (shown below) was absolutely perfect – for obvious reasons! – for the aesthetic of the piece…

Vintage Dictionary Pendant: Pickup, Trollop, Scarlet $10

Vintage Dictionary Pendant: Pickup, Trollop, Scarlet $10

I was simply delighted when I was offered my choice of vintage dictionary pendant as a thank you for the feature – HOW darling is that? It’s always my pleasure – indeed one of my passions – to highlight talented designers, artists and vintage collectors. I am constantly fascinated by other people’s finds, so am glad that readers seem to be enjoying sharing mine, too.

Unity Pendant

Vintage Dictionary Pendant Necklace, Unity $10

Robbie chooses the words from vintage dictionaries ranging from the 1920’s to 1950’s, encases them in crystal clear glass and solders the back and sides with silver – there’s a choice of chains, too. Mine came with a silver ball type chain, but I am on a vintage kick at the moment (oh who am I kidding? At the moment?) so chose to string mine on a black silk ribbon.


Ugh, horrid picture

Oh, by the way – the wording I chose (which you can’t really see properly here as I had to rely on my phone’s camera as the other wasn’t playing) was WHIMSEY: fancy; whim also WHIMSICAL: odd or fanciful notion. Which kind of sums me up. I have forever been a whimsical type, and now I can embrace that wearing my necklace. I can’t tell you how many odd or fanciful notions I have on a day-to-day basis. 😉

There’s also an option for custom orders, which I think would be a great gift idea – you get to choose any word you like (well, any word that’s in one of the vintage dictionaries) and I am sure we can all think of special words we’d like to use to describe our nearest & dearest on occasion. Though perhaps forget that word and pick a nice one instead. ;p

Custom Vintage Dictionary Pendant

Csutom Dictionary Glass Pendant $10

Anyway, I LOVE my pendant. Thank you so much, Robbie!

You can pretty much tell how much I love Etsy by looking at various pieces of my ensemble today. Apart from the already discussed necklace, I am wearing my much admired handmade ballet pumps by De Bonis Orquera. This particular pair are called Summer Garden and are still available – they are made in small batches from vintage material so HURRY if you see a pair you like!

Summer Garden by De Bonis Orquera, $30

Summer Garden by De Bonis Orquera, $30

They are from the ‘Magpies’ range and are incredible value for money. How often can you buy handmade shoes for $30, dearies? Well you will be from now on, if you fall in love with the range the way I have. SO comfortable – they feel like wearing moleskin-lined slippers. Every single time I’ve worn these I have had compliments and questions as to where I got them. It feels incredibly swanky saying they were handmade for me. ;p

The designer is such a sweetie, too – just two days before they went on holiday, they put a rush on my order so I’d get it without having to wait. I could get used to such service! Oh by the way, I’d advise to maybe get a size down from your usual, as after time they can stretch a little, and you WILL be wearing them a lot, believe me. Ask the designer for more information on what size you should get, but that’s my advice. Here’s a little pic of me wearing them…

Summer Garden Shoes

My Tootsies

De Bonis Orquera was begun in 2008 by a young shoe designer who had previously worked for various labels in Buenos Aires, New York, London and Paris.

I have two different lines, my flagship range: De Bonis Orquera are handmade luxury shoes made in calfskin leather, with ultra-high production standards. The kind of shoes you wear to the prom and later pass on to your children.

My second range is called ‘magpies’ (one for sorrow, two for joy…) Also handmade, these are more for every-day wear and use rescued vintage fabrics that have been chosen and restored with a lot of love and care. As the fabrics are vintage I usually only have just enough to make a single range of sizes so each pair is unique.

Tawny Sky by De Bonis Orquera $30

Tawny Sky by De Bonis Orquera $30

Coral Shoes by De Bonis Orquera $30

Coral Shoes by De Bonis Orquera $30

I do occasionally make shoes (both De Bonis Orquera and Magpies) to order so if I don’t have your size or you’d like to find what I can do for you please get in touch.

De Bonis Orquera have recently introduced some gorgeous new styles for Autumn/Winter and are currently running a clearance sale on the pieces that have only one or two sizes left in stock.

One of the most recent purchases was this darling Roxie Hart necklace by Foamy Wader. It’s so weighty and sparkly and incredibly satisfying to wear. I have a real penchant for long necklaces & sometimes nothing else will do. It’s like wearing a hypnotist’s pendulum – all eyes are on my crystal pendant when I wear this. Probably just as well it doesn’t nestle in my bosom…

Roxie Hart Necklace by Foamy Wader

Roxie Hart Necklace by Foamy Wader

I don’t think I could be without my beloved watch by LT Creates Jewelry. It’s made from a vintage silver spoon which has been hammered into shape to fit my wrist. I have worn it every day since I got it (one of the first purchases I ever made from an Etsy seller) and I just adore it.

I am VERY hard to please as far as watches go (and, well, most other things, too) because I find them hideously tacky or overly boring and very rarely a happy medium. This one is just perfect and I feel sort of naked without it.

Silver Spoon Watch by LT Creates Jewelry $35

Silver Spoon Watch by LT Creates Jewelry $35


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All of the items are beautiful, but I’m especially excited by the vintage dictionary pendants! Fabulous, off to Etsy I go…

Comment by kaliwags

They are fantastic pendants, aren’t they? I love the fact you can wear a piece of vintage dictionary around your neck! 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

Hello, thanks for coming to my blog, very excited to find yours. What lovely taste you have. The spoon jewellery is so beautiful. I think I am going to have to get a watch right now, I don’t need one but i can’t stop looking at them!

Comment by Rose

Hullo! Oh I am so glad you like my blog – I was so happy to find yours & it’s on my ‘blog lovin’ daily read list.

The jewellery is completely addictive for me, I’m afraid, so I feel it’s only right to inflict my obsessions on others to spread the guilt a little more thinly. 😉

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

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