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Victoriana: Vampish Black & White Style
September 26, 2009, 11:06 pm
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Greetings, dear readers!

I have been quite under-the-weather for the past few days, so you must excuse the virtual blank pages. During my resting (ha!) I have been yearning to do a post about Victorian-inspired fashions and that kind of creepy, slightly down-at-heel faded glamour that I have always loved best. Ah, yes, I’m afraid I gorged on silent movies, goggled at pictures of vampy actresses as Theda Bara 1Theda Bara and read far too many novels of a Gothic nature to ever be seduced by pastels and ‘niceness’. I can full appreciate such styles on other people, but it would be patently ridiculous for me to ever wear them. I am just not a pastel gal.

Lately, I have been wearing a lot of teals, plums, burgundy and forest greens, but most recently I have been loving the simplicity of black and white – it’s such a great backdrop for fabulous accessories [of which, more tomorrow – if my camera behaves, I shall finally share with you some pictures of my latest Etsy purchases and even a wonderful gift from an Etsy seller that I featured a little while back!] and you always seem to look pulled together in black & white – even if, in reality, you scrabbled around frantically yanking things out of wardrobes & drawers, grabbing that looked halfway clean and pulling it on as you go! Not that I ever leave the house in such a muddle, of course. Perish the very thought. Ahem.

There were days when I used to dress in my interpretations of a Victorian costume or wear head to toe vintage, but these days (some might say mercifully) I like to mix and match.

There are few looks I love more than mixing a vintage piece with modern counterparts – a Victorian capelet, say, with a mini skirt, opaque tights & killer heels [which may literally kill me nowadays with my fallen arch and my plantar fasciitis. Oh! The glamour of working in any profession that requires you to be on your feet all day every day, my dears!]; or a lacey vintage blouse with jeans and converse boots.

It’s all about the dressing down that transform such items from museum exhibits to suddenly wearable and functionally beautiful pieces. Thus, I present a selection of incredibly talented designers and vintage sellers with an eye for the best an era has to offer – yet still have something to offer the wearer today:

Victoriana 1

Direct links to items shown:

Sew Moe

Fanciful Devices

Emma Sommerfield

Drawing Room

Swoon Antiques

La Vieja Tun Tun

Victoriana 2

Further links:

Spun Sugar Vintage

Tree and Kimball

YY Studio

Alison Dahl

Salvage Life

One Hundred Years

Having completed this selection of Etsy finds, and had the inspiration for this post already firmly lodged in my head anyway – it was wonderful to randomly come across an article with a similar theme  – Inspiration (Creepy) Vamps & Victorians – at the Liebemarlene Vintage Look Book blog. I have been adding to my chosen blog reader’s list by clicking on the suggested links – some slightly peculiar suggestions but many worth a furtive browse, so I continue to hunt.

Yours flouncingly,

Miss Nightingale.


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what a beautiful collection! Thank you!

Comment by Echo

Yay, thanks for including me in this lovely collection.

Comment by fancifuldevices

Amazing Selection!! I love the fact that each item complements the other!! Great job and thanks for the inclusion!!

Comment by laviejatuntun

Love it! I need to find some vintage black velvet for winter.

Comment by dottie

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