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Anthropologie Opening in London! (Anthropological Autumn Style)
September 16, 2009, 8:15 pm
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Well, I have been reading the re-released Misty comic [see previous post in which I go on and on about this] and eating chocolate. COULD the day get any better? I asked myself. YES it could: I have just been reading on their website that Anthroplogie are soon opening their first ever European shop – and in London. 45 minutes on the train. I squealed again.

Blazing Tweed Pumps by Anthropologie

Blazing Tweed Pumps by Anthropologie

[Warning For Accidental Readers: If you have landed on this blog randomly and think I’m incredibly sad for squealing at horror comics from my childhood and pretty shops selling trinkets & fripperies, I suggest you leave immediately. We wont get along at all, darling!]

Since the1992 opening of their first store in the interestingly named Wayne, Pennsylvania; Anthropologie have grown a hundredfold.

They are renowned for offering quirky, vintage-inspired styles in fashion, accessories and home furnishings. Homespun charm mixes with more unusual but still very wearable pieces,

He-Said-She-Said Skirt by Anthropologie

and thrive in bringing up-and-coming designers to a wider audience.

I have coveted their items from afar (always being a little worried about ordering mail-order from abroad in case I get smacked with outrageous Customs charges – a very long & involved rant for another time, I think!) so am thrilled to be able to finally go and finger their goods first hand. So to speak.

Anyway. So yes, I am very excited in case you hadn’t noticed. Feast your eyes on the following…

Untraditional Tradition by Anthropologie

Untraditional Tradition by Anthropologie

Modern Mannor by Antropologie

Modern Mannor by Anthropologie

Herringbone Wrap Coat by Anthropologie

Herringbone Wrap Coat by Anthropologie

Narration Booties by Anthropologie

Narration Booties by Anthropologie

Rosella Satchel by Anthropologie

Rosella Satchel by Anthropologie

Until the new store opens I shall be slavering over my latest finds in (where else) Etsy – I truly believe you can find something to suit every style there, but particularly items similar to the artsy-craftsy vintage appeal of the Anthropologie style… and of a quality to rival the very best designers or shops you can name.

Anthropolgical Autumn Style 1

Direct links to items shown:

Yarn Over Movement

Katherine Cooper

Vanessa Sewing

Reluctant Damsel



Anthropological Autumn Style 2

Further links:

Winsome Hollow


Manda Holden

Splitfire Pottery

Keep and Share

Attila Design

How cosy does this selection of items make you feel, by the way? My heart sings at the thought of kicking through leaves, giggling like a small child (or an insane adult), making soup and wearing sweaters. Whilst others are bemoaning the last days of summer, as though being forced to watch a favourite toy being put on the bonfire; I am stocking the cupboards with comforting food and stroking my cashmere hungrily. Soon, my pretties, soooooooon…


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I feel the same way about autumn! Love the collections you have posted. Hope you enjoy your Anthropologie. I find mine most useful for inspiration since the prices are pretty high—and the thrill of seeking out similar pieces on eBay or etsy, as you’ve done, is more fun. 🙂

Comment by Trisha

Hi Trisha,

Thank you – I’m so glad you enjoyed the selections, and am relieved to meet another Autumn fan!

I shall definitely enjoy my Anthropologie, but know that realistically I shall be limited to lusting and waiting for the sales.;) Anyway, as you say, it can be lots more fun to use such places as touchstones and seek out your own items with similar themes, elsewhere. 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

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