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With Your Cherry Lips & Your Golden Curls…
September 8, 2009, 9:57 pm
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“With your cherry lips and your golden curls / you could make grown men gasp…” so sang Garbage – and it’s true (though I haven’t ever had golden curls and grown men likely only gasp in exasperation at me nowadays. Like when I deliberately go as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible through the self-checkout at the supermarket. Just to annoy rude people who stand as close to you as possible, practically sitting in your basket as soon as you put it down, you understand. They deserve it). Anyway. ‘Why the cherry theme?’ the crowds are almost literally baying at the door…

Cherry Frosting Lip Balm by Vintage Bella

Well just a short snippit of excitement to share, with the arrival of my utterly delectable Cherry Frosting Marie Antoinette themed lip balm. It is part of the beauty section of Vintage Bella.

The Queen’s Patisserie selection is a foodie’s delight [yet much kinder on the hips] and I can see I am going to have to work my way through the whole lot. Just for, y’know, research purposes. And, um, to assist my dear readers in better selecting their favourites. Yes, I am that selfless.

Mercifully, this balm is petroleum free. Petroleum is a drying agent, so using one of the many Big Name lip balms (most of which are petroleum based) is somewhat counter-productive to moistening the ol’ lips in the first place.

Vintage Bella make all of their products from beginning to end, with no nasty cheap ‘filler’ ingredients.

I think these would be wonderful for wedding favours or to give in themed party gift bags (particularly if throwing a Marie Antoinette tea party as suggested in a previous post of ours based around the theme of Gorging on Glorious Decadence). Needless to say, I am thrilled with my purchase, and believe I shall plump for the Butterscotch Frosting one, next time…


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Oh my, what a delight to see my cherry frosting gracing the cover of this gorgeous blog! One entry is more beautiful than the next on this phenomenal blog. I feel so honored to receive a top review from such a fun-spirited gal! Many thanks! xoxo Vintage Bella

Comment by Heather AKA Vintage Bella

Ha, well you’re welcome m’dear! I blog about what I like, and I love your lip balm. 🙂

Comment by beyondthepaleblog

oooooh, I’ll have to try this!!! Lovely packaging and sounds delicious as well as effective….


Comment by Ang

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