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Ode to the Fallen Woman
September 4, 2009, 11:54 pm
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Don’t miss your chance to confess your sins and win a signed edition of Faye L. Booth’s latest novel, Trades of the Flesh – read the article Faye guest-wrote for Melanie’s blog – a subject dear to our hearts, really: fallen women of the Victorian age – then submit your sin for a chance to win…

Truly, it is a fascinating subject, though. Under much duress, my mother eventually purchased for me a copy of Mayhew’s London Labour and the London Poor – a seminal study of the capital’s Ne’er-do-wells. I remember as a young gal in school, any time a history project came up with the chance to “write a diary in the style of a person living in the year ****” I would always try to choose a Victorian prostitute or pickpocket, or some other Unmentionable. No doubt the teachers were a little worried about me. With no reason, of course, as we all know that I turned out to be an almost perfect example of the rewards The Virtuous Woman may reap…

I must admit to never having read Faye’s work, but it is SO perfectly suited to our interests, I am only surprised it has taken this long for our paths to entwine.

Tales of the Flesh

If you follow the above link for the competition, you can read of my greatest sin. Well. The greatest I shall admit in public, anyhow, One must always allow a Lady a little mystery, don’t you agree? I shall be AGOG to hear of your sins, dearies.

Whilst you are contemplating unburdening your souls, why not lick your fingers and flick through the pages of a Treasury of fallen women?

Fallen Women 1

Links to items shown:


Bizarre Boudoir


Robbie Jenkins



Fallen Women 2

Further Links:

Treasure Turf

Edm Designs

Vonlenska Vintage


J Rose Atelier

The Mermaid’s Song


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I love the concept of illustrating writing with items that convey the mood! Thanks so much for including this purveyor of fine antique, vintage and contemporary trims and lint.

I’m also intrigued with the concept of woman as fallen, which puts her metaphorically in the category of sinful angels. Yet another delicious concept!


Comment by Dina Kerik

I like it here!!!!

Comment by TheMermaidsSong

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