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Dapper Chaps… “Hallo”
August 25, 2009, 7:49 pm
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The poor chaps often get left out of fashion spreads, bless their cotton (or possibly cashmere) socks. With this in mind, I presentcover46 a sartorial selection for the discerning gentlemen out there (or cads and bounders, as we know them mostly to be). Perhaps some ideas for Christmas presents? Heresy to mention the C-word, I know, but to coin a phrase often used by Great Aunts & pushy sales assistants: “It’s not that long, you know…”

I faithfully promise not to countdown “shopping days until” or bludgeon you with threats to start choosing loved-one’s gifts soon, but a swift reminder now and again can save many a stressful shopping trip later on!

I have deliberately chosen two waistcoats (or “vests” for our darling Colonial friends) as part of the selection: there is just something about a gentleman in a waistcoat, is there not? With a white shirt underneath, neck undone, sleeves nonchalantly rolled up… delicious. If only they knew how many ladies find such a look swoon-some, I feel sure we’d see more of them cropping up on a regular basis. Even worn with casual trousers or jeans (carefully, so as not to look like a man in the steely grip of a mid-life crisis) it’s a great look that says: “Yes, I know I’m quite dreamy, but I don’t have to try too hard.”

Dapper Chaps 1

Direct links to items shown:

Lawn Designs

Barking Maddison



Man’s Face Stuff


Dapper Chaps 2

Further Links:

Machete & Sons

Seattle Sundries


Cyberoptix Tie Lab



Might I suggest, having perused the above, that you move on (chaps & chapesses alike) to the always perfectly turned-out and thoroughly marvelous read, The Chap Magazine [for the Modern Gentleman – the latest edition’s cover is shown at the start of this post]. It’s often our reading material of choice – sometimes they even feature [gasp] WOMEN, but it’s always full of fascinating articles & sartorial tips.

As we all know (or you jolly well should by now), Stephen Fry is the most perfectly dapper chap in the Kingdom and very probably the world – therefore, don’t miss the last episode of his BBC Radio 4 show, Fry’s English Delight. This one focuses on one of the most popular and widespread English words of all time: “Hello” (or more properly, “hallo”).

On that note…


Miss Nightingale



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