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Domestic Bliss & Husband Catching Tips
August 23, 2009, 9:02 pm
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It doesn’t happen all that often, but today, I was suddenly overcome by the urge to make a huge vat of comforting food – namely, a chorizo, pancetta & bean casserole. The recipe I’m following comes from a friend’s blog, and I was mainly attracted to it (apart from the delicious ingredients and the fact you can just throw it all in a casserole dish, stirring when you remember) from her quote about having made it previously:

“…the last lot I cooked were so good, it was like Satan was trying to tempt me, using the medium of bean.”

Chiller’s Recipe

Ask the housekeeper to provide the following:

3 large cans flageolet beans
3 cans chopped tomatoes in juice
2 decent size good chorizo sausages, chopped roughly, but small.
1 little box/container of cubed pancetta, of the sort you get in all supermarkets, in conjoined-twin boxes.
2 red onions, chopped smallish
1 good handful of fresh herbs – (I’m using thyme – Chiller also recommends sage & golden marjoram)
About 4 cloves of fresh garlic, chopped tiny (I have put 5 in, as both me and the be-ringletted fiance really really like garlic – so much that the roof of your mouth hurts. You may wish to stick to Chiller’s amount…)
A mean 1/2 tsp sugar, a pinch of salt.


Throw everything into a large oven-proof casserole type thingy.

Shove in oven – gas mark 5 / 190° C / 375° F – for 2-3 hours, stirring when you can be arsed. Once an hour, ideally.

Leave overnight for flavours to infuse further, if freezing.

Spoon into faces of hungry people.


I really love earthy, chunky casseroles with great handfuls of various whatnots thrown in. As I sit and type this, it’s smelling fabulous already – all mercilessly hurled into a duck-egg blue casserole pot and lovingly shoved into the oven. There’s an awful lot of it – Chiller explains that this freezes really well, so unless 10 extra people turn up on our doorstep, I rather suspect we may be reaching for the freezable tupperware.

As I have come over all domestic, have a themed collection of (not quite traditional) domestic loveliness…

domestic bliss? 1

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SewSew Crafty


domestic bliss? 2

Further links:


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The ‘How to Get a Husband’ apron is a must-have, really. Ladies, you should all follow the sage advice therein:

How to get a husband

“Don’t scold him if he takes a drink!”

“Avoid that boyish look.”

“Don’t be sulky.”

“Don’t be too sexy.”

“Act bashful.”

“Be cute.”

“Be motherly.”

“Don’t argue! He is always right!”

“Show him that you love housework.”

It wasn’t until I had mastered all the above that I finally snared myself a man willing to marry me. Obviously, I am the perfect housewife, but some of you may have to try harder – in which case, go for the gin, corsets & heels.

Yours in domestic bliss (with added gin)

Miss Nightingale



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I love this blog post and recipe. It sounds so delicious, although I might cut the amounts by half, since it’s just me and the hubby.

Thanks so much for including my aprons among all these beautiful household items!! I love aprons, kitchenware, and all things domestic!

Comment by Betty

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