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Lazy Sunday / Fry’s English Delight
August 16, 2009, 9:06 pm
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Sundays should be for lounging around for longer than is decent whilst wearing pyjamas. Sundays are for breakfast in bed, a warm purring cat, perhaps rousing yourself to go for a misty morning walk (or perhaps opting to stay in bed for another hour instead?) – maybe a spot of crossword solving whilst listening to the radio. Nothing too strenuous, it’s all homemade marmalade & cosy slippers (not combined) in my ideal world…. absolute bliss!

My Sunday [today] has actually been more about drinking Pimms in my parent’s back garden, putting my feet up and enjoying what will probably be their last barbecue of the year before they go to their cottage in the Lake District. A perfectly relaxing day, though, and much needed after the exertions of the weekend – working all day then clubbing in London (for a friend’s birthday) until 5am is a little beyond me, nowadays! Thank goodness for having friends in the hotel industry who booked us into the lovely Malmaison – a delight to enjoy a much needed snooze (excellent beds, I heartily approve) & banquet breakfast in before having to return home. [Melanie – I think you would love the large portrait of Napolean in their lobby].

Yes, I think my all-night partying days are behind me – or at least, the ability to enjoy them without suffering for the next two days, is. It is hardly rock’n’roll to admit, but I really like coming home, having a cup of tea and relaxing in bed. The teenage me would loathe the grown-up me, I think.

Really the most effort I have put into today is creating a Treasury list about… Lazy Sundays – which is due to expire in two days, so I have re-created it, with direct links to the items shown in the spread, below.

I just adore the relaxed style of go-Monkey Design – really, why would you get dressed when these are available to wear? I have been reading in various glossies that PJ’s are ‘fashionable’ to wear out and about – a look I was working during my student years but would be less inlined to try now I am in my 30’s – I worry that if I potter to the market or the newagents in what is essentially sleepwear, I could be rounded up by the men with nets and taken to to a care home to be looked after. Therefore, I suppose if one must properly venture forth, the Breton top is the perfect compromise – effortlessly stylish yet wonderfully comfortable. This particular one is made-to-measure – incredible value for money


Direct links to items shown:

Planet Photo [sold, but the link is to an equally lovely lazy cat photo]


go-Monkey Designs


House of Peltier

House of Harriet


Further links:

Rosie Music


Made in the HV

Seattle Sundries

Abi Bansal Design

Country Dreaming

Whilst viewing these items, I recommend listening to BBC Radio 4’s Fry’s English Delight – the perfect backdrop a lazy Sunday, or any day. Stephen Fry is the quintessentially English chap – the very best of British, and we all absolutely adore him. Here, he explores the vagaries of the English language, and how words can drastically change their meaning through the ages. A fascinating programme, but then I would be happy merely to listen to him read from a telephone directory.

Hope you’ve managed to have a lazy Sunday, wherever you are…

Yours lethargically,

Miss Nightingale.


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Thank you for featuring my photograph “Early Morning Fog” in your treasury and on your blog!
missy corrales fotography
– peace missy

Comment by missy [mzloca] corrales

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