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Oh, Mr Darcy!
August 12, 2009, 8:26 pm
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Be still our fluttering hearts. YES, even though we are modern, fully-grown women, Mr Darcy still holds a certain sway over the majority of the otherwise-sensible female population (myself included, though I am rarely sensible). I don’t know what it is – perhaps the same something that all broodingly handsome Byronic types have in bucketloads; but perhaps also the fact that we go through the exact emotions Elizabeth Bennet does – we are intrigued, attracted, annoyed, outraged, surprised and in love with Mr Darcy by turns.

I know, certainly, I also love the fact Elizabeth isn’t a pushover – no milk-fed meekly obedient miss, she is more than his match – and their will-they-wont-they pointed exchanges only serve to increase the attraction to both of these characters for the reader. Of course it is also That Moment when we discover his true character, and That Other Moment when he makes clear his intentions… and for me, it’s still Colin Firth in the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice. It’s a terrible cliché, but the lake-plunging wet-shirt scene still takes a lot of beating…

Most of all, though, there is still the novel itself – a wonderful snapshot of Regency society by a brilliantly witty, incisive author who can sometimes be buried a little beneath the piles of adaptations. Always start with the original thing, darlings, and only then allow yourselves to be swallowed by the delicious costume dramas.

Talking of adaptations, I wonder if you have heard that the parody of Austen’s P&P – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies – is to be made into a film. I must admit I haven’t read the book yet, though I may well do as it does look like a bit of harmless fun [though I wonder how long one’s imagination will be captured & interest maintained throughout – might it be a joke that wears very thin after the initial sniggering and the shock/cleverness of the ‘defaced’ classic-style cover? One cannot saPride and Prejudice and Zombiesy unless the book has been read, so I shall withhold judgement until then].

Of course publishers, having scented blood, are engaged with thinking up 586 new “and zombies” or similar titles, and that raises the old eyebrow somewhat – fun as it it may be, perhaps some of them should be enjoyed for their titles alone. However, anything that throws a new audience in the path of the originals, or that draws some lost souls back to the pleasures of Austen and her contemporaries, is good news as far as I am concerned.

This theme is certainly an easy one to warm to, and as such I was inspired to do another mood board/spread on the theme of Pride & Prejudice. The Regency period is quite fascinating, and I do adore the fashions, though of course I have taken some liberties with my selections. These are simply ‘inspired by’… I do hope you enjoy browsing through this selection. It is also a current Treasury selection (curated shopping lists) at Etsy, which you may view here should you wish.

Oh, Mr Darcy!

Direct links to items shown:

Pemberley Dreams [Sold, but with many other wonderful items!]






Oh, Mr Darcy! (2)

Further Links:

Hare and Drum



Pearl & Marmalade

Christie Creations

Stacy Leigh Atelier

“In vain have I struggled, it will not do!”

Oh go on, then. I think we should revel in The Declaration of Feelings:

Having aroused your feelings thus, I think I should point you in the direction of the astoundingly in-depth & incredibly interesting resource that is the Republic of Pemberley website – a fascinating place for discussion groups & information about Jane Austen.

Until next time, Dearhearts…


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Thank you so much for featuring my Custom made Silk Pomander Balls in your incredible treasury. It is so nice to see a unique twist on what can be just ordinary treasuries. Great job!

Comment by ChristieCreations

Ah, thank you for that Darcy in the wet shirt clip! Hubba-hubba! 🙂
And thank you so much for featuring my work!

Comment by HAREandDRUM

Thank you, Suzy, for the huge compliment of including me in your ‘Treasury’ and your blog. I am honored and clearly in good company!

Comment by Pemberleydreams

Is it bad that all six of my daughters, ages 4 – 13, love to watch Pride & Prejudice (the BBC version) and the newer one with Keira Knightley? We usually have a marathon day every couple of months watching all versions we can find. =)

Thanks for including my bookplates in our wonderfully done treasury!

Comment by Chocolate on my Cranium

Many thanks Suzy for including our Mr.Darcy card! I must profess, I watch P&P (the Colin Firth version of course) every couple months or so- sometimes much to the annoyance of my own Mr.Darcy!

Comment by CharLee

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