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Pour mon ami, Melanie…
August 3, 2009, 8:54 pm
Filed under: 18th Century, Books, Fripperies, Marie Antoinette

In the style of our previous spread, Bawdy Couture, we present the latest array of temptations.

This time our theme is inspired by a dear friend, who is as obsessed with all things Antoinette as I am by all things Victoriana. Of course, she’s not at all adverse to a bit of Victoriana herself, being quite the most knowledgeable person I know regarding Jack the Ripper. She also hosts notorious parties known as Gin & Whores, at which I am, of course, an enthusiastic guest.

[I have just realised this makes it sound as though the gatherings are some sort of dreadful orgy; or as if she were running some sort of brothel. I would like to assure readers of a delicate disposition that neither of these are the case!]

Those of you delighted by these trinkets & baubles below, or who wish to know more about Marie-Antoinette, the French Revolution &tc &tc, should immediately skip over to Melanie’s blog to feast their eyes!

The layout of the below spread uses a tool called ‘Poster Sketch’ from Etsy (see previous spread, linked above) to select favourite items & present them eventually as curated shopping galleries (also explained on previous post). In the Etsy Treasuries, you can click on the pictures & be linked to the items’ selling page. As these are mock-ups of Treasuries I have saved to create at a later date, I can presently only link seperately, so you’ll find a list of the talented designers & creators below the images.


Direct links to items shown:

La Comtesse de Talaru


Atelier Talaru

Le Lapin Triste

Enfin, La Voila!

Petit Poulailler

Antoinettey Deux

Untamed Menagerie

Olivia Moon


Batty Azac

Vintage Bella

Paper Relics

P.S: Melanie also happens to write excellent historical novels, not yet published although currently sparking much interest among literary agents & already published authors – having finally given in to the urgings of the masses who have read various blogs, excerpts &tc over the years, and is beginning to take this whole publishing them idea seriously! [I say this with some gusto, having been one of the urging masses].

Be transported to the world of Paris, powder & patches… The Journal of Marie-Antoinette



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what a wonderful post – thank you for including one of my designs.

Comment by Hope

[…] set out using Poster Sketch & items found on Etsy, as our entries regarding Bawdy Couture and Marie-Antoinette were, previously – I proudly offer you yet another gallery of temptations, two of which […]

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