Beyond the Pale

In Which We Introduce Ourselves…
August 1, 2009, 3:44 am
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Greetings, dear things!

Aren’t introductions awkward, clumsy affairs? Should we regale you with lists of our virtues and flutter our eyelashes until you submit? You and I are far too jaded for such coy flirtations, are we not? I think we’ll skip ahead and relax, like old chums, instead.

Presumably you are aware of what Beyond the Pale is?

Non? Well, do seek us out on etsy, my dears, and come back when you have furnished yourselves with sufficient information to sate your curiousity…

It will immediately spring to your attention that our shop is not yet stocked with goods. The reasons for this are varied and dull (they involve – yaaaaawn – WORK getting in the way and various other dreadful things. Utterly disgusting that I should have to scrape pennies together elsewhere, I know, duckies, but them’s the vagaries of life. Cruel.

Previously, we made our wares available (so to speak) on LiveJournal, and ebay. In the meantime, I’d heard of a little place called Etsy and set up an account, but sort of forgot about that in favour of the other two. Terrible and wanton neglect! This past month, in particular, I have nuzzled closer to etsy and found her to be all we could ever hope for. We have managed to recoup our losses from the bounders who failed to deliver our supplies (NOT etsy sellers, we hasten to add) and shall be stocking the shelves very shortly in our snug little etsy shop. Hurrah & huzzah. May our union be blessed with – um, well, sales.

And you dear things visiting us often, of course.

I have blathered on far too much, as usual, but shall write again with links to pretty things.

Sleep well, dear hearts.

Miss Nightingale


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