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Bawdy Couture
August 1, 2009, 8:06 pm
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Not two words that are generally happy bedfellows, I grant you, but with the ever increasing prevalence for Burlesque, Steampunk & what one might term ‘Circus Noir’ in the way of trends; we are very happy to see an emerging group of designers take centre stage on the fancy frocks scene. Well, perhaps stage left as they don’t tend to grace the pages of mainstream glossy magazines… yet. We all know the glossies take ages to catch up before breathlessly declaring they have “discovered a brand new street trend”. Bless their cotton socks.

Using etsy’s Poster Sketch tool (which allows you to play with layouts for future curated shopping galleries – or ‘Treasuries‘ – which I am heartily addicted to making!) I have mocked-up the layout for a future Treasury I intend to curate. Unfortunately, Poster Sketch doesn’t allow you to save your work to show others, other than taking a screenshot and then link to the items separately.

It is with delight, therefore, that we select a few current favourites from an almost obscenely talented group of gals. They’re probably all really nice people, too. It makes you sick.

Bawdy Couture 1

Bawdy Couture on Etsy

Designers featured, with direct links to items shown:

Lovechild Boudoir

Mary and Angelika

Attila Design

Amanda Rose Studios

Katherine Cooper



Topsy Turvy Design

Greighday Vintage


Age Before Beauty


La Belle Fairy

We do hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse of what tickles our fancy. We’ll be doing more of this sort of thing later on, so you better had or it’s a rum deal for you, really. ;p

Oh, by the way, we’re going to attempt at some point to import previous content from our our blog at LiveJournal. It may all go horribly tits up wrong, so we might delete some previous entries which were merely sales adverts/updates which are no longer relevant (otherwise, apparently, it takes an absolute age to accomplish). So please don’t panic if you had left a comment on one such post & can no longer see it – there has been no Internet Dramas or deleting of friends or any such goings-on, it’s merely for my own convenience. 🙂

Until later, then, m’dears!

Miss Nightingale


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I am forever grateful to you for the attention and the kind words!! I *blush*….

Comment by Amanda Rose


Comment by pinar

Thank you so much Darling Suzy :)))!!!!

Comment by tiina

[…] – again set out using Poster Sketch & items found on Etsy, as our entries regarding Bawdy Couture and Marie-Antoinette were, previously – I proudly offer you yet another gallery of […]

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